Which day is better than Christmas, New Year, your birthday and every bank holiday ever, combined? 
#BringYourDogToWorkDay, hands down! 

That’s right, in case you didn’t know, today is a special day for man’s best friend. Bosses, bus drivers, butchers and builders everywhere are packing an extra lunchbox for their K9 pals and bringing them along as they go about their daily business.More...

Content marketing is constantly evolving and changing in order to match the demands of the customers. This is great news for me – both as a copywriter and a consumer!

One industry that’s exceeding expectations in terms of content marketing is mountain biking. Surprising, as this is an industry that is relatively young and yet its content marketing is arguably up there with the biggest industries out there.

To show exactly what I mean, let’s delve into the content marketing of the big three manufacturers in the UK:

We’ve been very busy at Liberty Marketing this week! We’ve been weaving our usual magic on our regular clients’ websites, we’ve had our quarterly company meeting and at the beginning of the week we spent two days at the digital extravaganza that is Digital 2015. 

Find out more about the event and view our presentations here:

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state, then fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait… the Earth began to cool, the autotrophs began to drool, Neanderthals developed tools, we built a wall (we built the pyramids), math, science, history, unravelling the mystery that all started with the big bang (BANG).

And then came the digital age, where smartphones became attached to us at all times, people only talked over the internet and business brands were instantly recognisable by cleverly designed logos. 

We’ve come a long way over the years, so don’t fall behind and get stuck in the past. Bring your eCommerce business up-to-date and stay ahead of your competitors with a little brand theory. More...

Have you seen LinkedIn’s If I Were 22 series in honour of graduation season? It’s going down a storm! 

Here professionals think back to when they were fresh faced and bushy tailed, just out of university and raring to go into the world of business. If you had the chance to jump in a time machine, bend space and go back to give yourself one piece of career advice, what would you say? 

Well, we’ve asked the Liberty Marketing team and here are a few of their answers:

We’re not sure if you noticed, but the weather was PRETTY abysmal yesterday (the 14th of May 2015, for those of you who stumble across this in the distant future). But that didn’t stop team Lib, who made a tremendous effort to turn up for the 5k Corporate Run Cardiff, which was held in a practically submerged Bute Park. 

Despite the drizzle (which admittedly wasn’t so bad by the time we rocked up), the dream team ran to raise money for the Welsh Children’s Cancer Charity, Latch. This extremely deserving charity does amazing work supporting children and their families who are being treated at the Oncology Unit at the Children’s Hospital of Wales, offering them accommodation, support groups, financial help and a range of activities, as well as lots more. 

So far, we’ve raised £320, but we’ve got big hopes of smashing last year’s total of £631.97, so if you’d like to help us, you can do here. More...