Batman defended Gotham, Rocky fought for his title and ordinary pint-drinking Shaun battled off a wave of the dead in London –we all have something we consider precious and must shield from danger. 

Google’s current concerns centre on its ad systems and the hackers attacking them for fraudulent means through clickjacking schemes. But can the tech giant thwart these internet demons and prevent their masterplan from coming into full fruition? Probably… come on, it’s Google. 

Here’s how Google is currently investing in defences and its engineering and operations teams are working to pre-empt future threats: More...

The Kardashian family are like marmite: you either love them or hate them. The Liberty office is divided; some of our staff are obsessed with the bootylicious reality stars and their glamorous celebrity lifestyles, the other half can’t stand them, purely for the fact they’re famous for being famous. 

One thing we can agree on, is despite the family’s claims, neither a Kardashian nor a Jenner has ever ‘broken the internet’.
Why? Well, you can’t really break the entire internet, silly. But Lord knows they’ve tried. Here are a few examples of the Kardashians’ attempts and failures to #BreakTheInternet: More...

Asking a mate to share their favourite song is always a tough one. Pop the question at 4am after a night on the razz and the answer is apt to be very different to an idle Tuesday afternoon. So, when it came to asking the office to share their most beloved tracks, it's no surprise the results were a mishmash spanning everything from 90s trip hop to psychedelic rock...More...

It’s always great when your hard work is recognised and that’s why we’re extremely proud to announce that the Liberty team have been nominated in The 2016 European Search Awards!

What Are the European Search Awards?

The European Search Awards celebrate outstanding performance by European SEO, PPC and content marketing agencies. They attract entries from some of Europe’s best digital marketers and commend the most innovative and successful campaigns in a glitzy ceremony.

We are pleased to say that the work of our search and content team for the sports betting brand Free Super Tips has resulted in Liberty being nominated for a Best Use of Search – Gaming award. More...

The new financial year is here j and that means one thing for many of us: analysing and projecting budget spend. So, how should you spend your marketing budget in 2016/17? On digital marketing, of course. 

Okay, admittedly, we’re a little biased… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Let’s take a look at recent marketing trends and a few suggested areas of where you should invest your marketing funds as of 2016: More...

No one wants to spend their time in a boring grey cubicle, toiling away at repetitive tasks all day long. 

Marketing is an industry that demands creativity. That’s why we try to foster an innovative, unpredictable working environment here at Liberty. And we’re pretty good at it, even if we do say so ourselves. 

Our staff come to work for us not only because we’re the largest digital marketing agency in Wales, but because they’ll be joining a young and progressive team of like-minded individuals. 

So, what do we do that’s so great? Well, here are just a few ways we make our digital marketing office a pleasurable place:

A few eyebrows might have been raised last month when Aston Martin announced they have designed their new model for ‘Charlotte’. Questions were asked about who she is, what does she do, is she real? Well, we’ve got the answers. 

Paul Hunter, our Marketing Manager here at Liberty, provides a positive identification of Charlotte and explains how businesses of all sizes would benefit by defining their own versions of Aston Martin’s professional lady in her late 30’s. More...