10 more pistachios, another cat GIF, a quick check of personal emails, a Vice article then straight into work mode. Oh wait a WhatsApp notification from Jenna and a Snapchat from Joe. Ok, checked those. Time to work. Hang on, ONE MONTH UNTIL CHRISTMAS is trending on Twitter and New Look just announced 40% off. This can’t wait.

Exhausted? So are we. If you’re fed up of falling down the rabbit hole of digital, it’s time to hit refresh. 

Here’s how you go about preparing for a digital detox. More...

I recently spoke to a lovely crowd at the Digital Marketing Show at the Excel in London about what I’ve termed, somewhat jargonally, Digital Upcycling. Here’s what I said, roughly, in blog form:

For years and years now we’ve heard that ‘content is King’. Marketing departments have invested exponential amounts of money on digital content. And with good reason; it works for the most part. 

But a lot of the time, for various reasons, it doesn't. 

We introduced our new Digital Marketing Consultant, Owain, to you last week and just days later we have another brand new member of the team to introduce to you – Alix Charles!

Alix joined Liberty Marketing as a PPC Account Coordinator this November with past experience in agency, in-house and freelance pay per click work. She moved to Swansea seven years ago where she studied Arts Marketing and her passion for marketing grew from here. 

Outside of work, Alix enjoys going to the gym, watching contemporary theatre and ogling nice cars on YouTube. She says she also enjoys modern art too… sometimes. She was even transformed into modern art herself once when she was covered in various types of chocolate fondue and powder. It’s just a shame she doesn’t like chocolate! 

When she was little, Alix didn’t always dream of working in marketing. In fact, she simply wanted to be ‘cool’ like one of the Gladiators on TV or the Brave Little Toaster that went to Mars. Lucky for us, she didn’t hit the gym too hard and stayed down here on Earth. 

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It’s been a while since our last Meet the Team segment, so it’s about time we introduce you to one of our newest members to the Liberty staff. Say a big hello to our latest addition to the sales team – Owain Matthews! 

Owain joined the team in November 2015 as a Digital Marketing Consultant with a wealth of knowledge in the digital and hospitality industries. Owain’s previous roles include: Business Development Manager within an agency, Commercial Manager at a business news publisher and a Digital Marketing Recruitment Consultant here in Cardiff. 

When he’s not clicking away at his laptop or discussing all things PPC related, Owain attends Cardiff Blues matches whenever he can. That is, as long as they don’t interrupt his twice-weekly instruction at Cardiff Sea Cadets. 
Owain absolutely loves food! Whether cooking or eating, he adores it. He has even worked as a chef in the past, picking up the odd shift here and there in local restaurants to keep a hand in the industry. We can’t wait to try one of his recipes! 

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