Feb 07
Gareth Morgan

Here is a quick preview of a huge change happening at Liberty over the coming months. Back in December we outgrew our current offices – things are so tight right now that I don't have a desk. We started planning a move in the late summer and, after putting it to an office poll, we decided we wanted to remain in the Cardiff Business Park area. The problem with that is there isn't much around here that is bigger, offers open plan working, is better equipped and gives us the option to make it quite a fun environment, which were the criteria.

After months of searching and speaking to surveyors, it looked like a dead end and big compromises would need to be made. Luckily, one evening in November I stumbled across an auction website which had a building just a few metres from where we are now which offered huge room to expand (it's over 3 times the size of our current building). It also had space for a large open plan working area, more meeting rooms, a great big staff room, decent cabling and it doesn't need that much work. I am please to say that we completed on it last Wednesday and plan to be in there during March!

The guys here are in charge of choosing decorations and themes for the rooms. Ideas so far include having meeting rooms that look like log cabins, the inside of the Millennium Falcon, and New York City. Who knows what it'll end up looking like. For the sake of posterity, here's how it currently appears:



Dec 13
Lianne Jones



It’s that time of the week again; it’s time to introduce another team member. Please welcome Stephanie Lamerton.

Slamerton is a Junior SEO copywriter at Liberty Marketing who came to us over the summer on a Go Wales work placement. After graduating from Cardiff University, and successfully completing her work placement, she stayed at the company and is now a firm part of the Liberty family.

Steffles is obsessed with Pinterest and can easily spend hours wasting time on the picture pinning site. When she’s not online, Steph loves shopping, celebrity gossip and anything to do with arts and crafts. She’s not that girly though: when most little girls wanted to be princesses and ballerinas, Steph wanted to be a pirate! Argh, me hearty!

So say hello to Steph! You can hear about her fellow workers very soon.

Nov 29
Stephanie Lamerton

It’s time to introduce the third member of our growing team: it’s Ben Magee!

Ben has been here just over a year now as one of our trusted SEO Account Coordinators. He studied History and Sociology at Warwick University and after he graduated in 2010 he decided he needed to live a little. Ben went travelling across America all funded by a job as a marketer in the hotel industry. It is this experience in marketing that taught him the ropes before joining the Liberty Marketing ranks.

Ben wanted to be an astronaut when he was a child, but now fancies himself as something of a budding poker superstar. He is also a fan of Twitter, he is a massive Spurs fan and, of course, he has a passion for travelling.

Ben’s claim to fame is that he once had a Twitter conversation with pop sensation Lolly. He got a little too excited about this!!

Now you know everything there is to know about Ben, read up on our other team members. We won’t bite.

Nov 16
Stephanie Lamerton

We've decided to introduce you to the Liberty family; we are going to be posting weekly employee bios so you can get to know all of us a bit better. This week we are kicking off the proceedings with Emily Isaac.

Emily is an SEO Account Co-ordinator who is relatively new to the company. She came to Liberty Marketing in the summer with a history of online and offline marketing - as well as writing and some other geeky website stuff.

Emily is Twitter obsessed; she spends her time outside of work updating her blog, going to the gym and treating herself with a nice glass of wine at the end of the day. She is a bit of a snow bunny and has been snowboarding since she was 12 years old; around the same time she thought she’d either be a vet or an actress when she grew up. How things change, hey?!

Say hello to Emily, everyone!

Keep an eye out as we’ll be introducing another team member next week.

Oct 31
Lianne Jones

Seasonal events and celebrations are always fantastic opportunities for generating content for your business. It doesn’t matter whether you work in law, finance, catering or beauty, you can make the most of occasions like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas by creating engaging images and copy to distribute across your blog and social channels (or even for use as PR) – and if you do this really well, you could potentially see it go viral, taking your brand to a wider audience.

Spook tactics

Let’s take Halloween as an example; the internet has exploded with spooky activity today as businesses have embraced All Hallows' Eve. Here are some of the best examples of seasonal digital marketing:

Krispy Screams

Never ones to miss out on a seasonal opportunity, Krispy Kreme took full advantage of Halloween by launching spooky doughnuts, by offering customers in full costume a free Original Glazed doughnut, and by hosting various spooky activities. They reminded followers of the looming celebration in the run-up to Halloween – therefore reinforcing their brand and promoting their new products whilst also encouraging people to engage with them on social channels.


Carling pulled an excellent video out of the marketing bag this Halloween – the video proved to be so popular that it went viral in a matter of days, and it now has over 218,000 views on YouTube alone. That’s some successful seasonal marketing!
So why was this one so successful? Simple: Carling combined Halloween, humour, boyish pranks and beer – a recipe for social media success! Check it out.


We’re big fans of the Oreo marketing campaigns; they are always super creative and engaging. For Halloween, Oreo created a series of Vines with the hashtag #OreoHorrorStories - they played homage to famous horror movies as the cookies met their death! If you haven’t watched these yet, then you have to check them out. They are simply brilliant.


It wasn’t just the food and drink industry that got involved with some spooktacular marketing; Fed Ex embraced the world’s love of everything zombie by tweeting a picture of an apocalypse survival kit captioned with: “Ship just about all #Zombie Apocalypse survival gear for one flat rate.”

Folly Farm

On a more local level, Folly Farm did an excellent job of promoting their adventure park this Halloween. Their social channels were full of fun, spooky-themed pics. The Penguins and Pumpkins photo album on Facebook and this adorable pic of lemurs playing with a vampire mask are our favourites – the lemurs even managed to get themselves into the local press!
Folly Farm also embraced Halloween by running special events such as Jugglestruck's Spooky Show, Halloween Card hunts and Trails, Freaky face painting and Creepy Encounters with rats, cockroaches and giant land snails to keep kids occupied during the half term break

Capital FM

This South Wales based radio station played a mean prank on some of their unsuspecting staff by jumping out on them in the early hours of this morning whilst wearing a mask. They videoed the prank before putting it onto their social channels for the world to see. Take a look here.

Happy Halloween

At Liberty Marketing, we enjoyed some Halloween themed cupcakes, we turned the staff room into a spooky den, we spent the day in fancy dress and we raffled some sweet goods – all to raise money for charity.

What are you doing this Halloween? Whatever you are doing to celebrate, here’s hoping you have a spooktacular time!


May 15
Lianne Jones

We are proud to announce that we are now working with the international children’s charity EveryChild on their PPC and social campaigns.

As their official marketing partner, we will be providing advice on the implementation of their social strategy whilst also managing their Google Pay per Click advertising campaign – all with the aim of increasing their brand reach, raising awareness of the cause and to increase the number of online donations.

Jonah Klein, who is the Digital Editor for EveryChild, said: “From improving our PPC advertising to offering expert, strategic advice on how to build our social media presence, Liberty Marketing have been a great help to our organisation. Liberty’s support will help us reach and improve the lives of more vulnerable children across the world.”

PPC Account Manager, Amy Lyddon, who is taking care of the EveryChild PPC campaign said: "It’s a pleasure having EveryChild on board. PPC is a very effective way to help raise awareness of their services, such as protecting vulnerable children and getting children back into families. PPC has helped drive relevant traffic to their website, building charity awareness and encouraging online donations. Knowing that we are helping to influence change through PPC is great."

More than 24 million children grow up without parental care; EveryChild aim to put an end to this so that these youngsters don’t grow up vulnerable and alone.  They set out to protect these children from the threat of malnutrition, violence and exploitation, and to keep families together wherever possible.

We’re thrilled to be working with such a fantastic charity to help them make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children, and we are eager to work with additional charities in the future … so watch this space …

May 13
Philip Woodward

What were you doing in May of 2008? Madonna and Justin Timberlake had hit Number 1 with 4 Minutes, the top film at the box office was Iron Man, Boris Johnson was the new Mayor of London and Britain looked forward to another wet, miserable summer. There was also something brewing in the marketing scene here in Cardiff...Liberty Marketing was born and today is our 5th birthday.

The company was started in a home office but after just a few months and a handful of happy clients, word of mouth ensured that we quickly grew and needed to move into something a bit more professional. Our first office was in Cardiff Gate Business Park, which we moved into in December 2008. That office was just big enough for two desks but by the time Kris Davies and Chris Gurner, future heads of Operations and PPC respectively, joined the team in 2010, we were a team of 7 and had taken over the room next door.

As more companies came to us for their SEO, Pay Per Click and social media campaigns, we outgrew our Cardiff Gate office and bought our current home in Llanishen Business Park in February 2011. Here, we developed ways in which we could offer more transparent and more effective services to our customers, including the Apollo project management system, which gives clients up-to-date information about what we’re doing on their projects.

A couple of years on and our 28 members of staff are spread over three different teams and span a wide range of personalities and specialities – from SEO experts and inventive copywriters to trained PPC professionals, social whizzes and much more. On a daily basis, we’re working with some interesting brands, such as Millennium Stadium, ConstructaQuote, Fiorelli, University of Hertfordshire, London Women’s Clinic, Wales Millennium Centre, Folly Farm and Visit Cymru. And we’re very proud that 12 clients from our first year of business are still using us.

We’d like to thank you for your support and custom so far – here’s to the next 5!

Our amazing cake, thanks to Lianne.

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May 10
Gareth Morgan

We have just discovered a lot of very dodgy links pointing at our site. It looks like, within the last few months, thousands of links have started pointing in to us from adult sites, irrelevant blog comments and low quality directory listings.

One of our local competitors has obviously had enough of us ranking well for their target keywords, so is running a negative SEO campaign to try and wipe us off Google. Classy.

Negative SEO is where someone tries to push your site down (or even out of) the Google rankings by building lots of bad links to your site. Since the Google Penguin update launched and showed us that low quality sites and over-optimised anchor-text can cause serious SEO problems, the negative SEO industry has thrived and now even has a nickname - Google Bowling. By employing these tactics, you can outrank your competitors not because you are any better than them or Google prefers the content on your site, but because you have no morals and can only do well when others fall.

We are being targeted heavily for the keyword SEO Cardiff, meaning one of our local competitors has had enough of us winning a lot of the local projects and wants to hit us here. The ironic thing is, the decent SEO projects very rarely come in off local Google searches! Almost all of our work comes as word of mouth recommendations or from events we attend, so even if this campaign works and you no longer see us in Google for local keywords, it isn't going to harm us as a business. We will continue to grow and win SEO projects because of the quality of our work and the hundreds of happy clients who regularly tell their friends.

If you are looking to engage an SEO agency within the Cardiff and South Wales area then make sure you do your homework. There are obviously some very dodgy people locally who cannot be bothered to market themselves properly, rather resorting to tactics like this.

We will be keeping an eye on the links and will speak to our contacts within Google to highlight this issue. One upside of being big enough to get targeted by competitors with this type of SEO campaign is that we are also big enough to have numerous contacts within the search engines who will help us when needed.

I’ll be seeing what tools they have to help us identify who did this and when I know, I will be publishing their details on this blog for everyone to see. What we will also do is record our activity and then blog about it. We have seen this type of work happen to a few of our clients who are in very competitive markets and it could easily happen to you too, so watch this space to see the impact of negative SEO and what we will do to take care of it.

Apr 08
Gareth Morgan

We will be visiting and speaking at a number of events over the next few weeks...


Kris, Rhodri, Ben, Monique, Dean and Rachel will be attending this great event on Friday. They will be there all day sitting in on the seminars and will also be staying over, to take advantage of the after party. If you are also going to be there, make sure you join them for a beer.

Carmarthenshire Tourism Summit

On Wednesday 17th April, I will be at the event in the Parc Y Scarlets Stadium. I'll be giving a workshop on SEO and improving website performance. The synopsis is:

"Get the most out of your website: 5 search engine marketing tips

Learn the five main things you need to be doing to take advantage of search engine traffic. We will look at how to choose the right keywords to focus on, and then how to use those on your site. We will then examine the benefits of blogging and how to get other websites linking to yours. We will also look at how you can attract local visitors with Google+ Local. All of which will increase the amount of business you get from Google, Yahoo! and Bing."

Torfaen Digital Enterprise Festival

On Tuesday 23rd April, I will also be presenting two slots on SEO to the tourism and hospitality sector. The synopsis is the same as the above event. 

If you are based in South West Wales or South East Wales and fall within the tourism industry then these two events look like they will be time well spent, so it's worth you checking them out. 

Feb 22
Philip Woodward

Sorry that we’ve been quiet on the blog of late; 2013 so far has been a very busy one, with plenty of exciting new clients and projects to get our teeth into. 

We’re also delighted to welcome six more fresh and friendly faces to Liberty Marketing. This year, James Cavanagh, Rosella Pollard, Cher Cheung, Laura Mackenzie, Pooja Parab and Monique Allin joined us – while we’ve even more joining over the forthcoming weeks.

James and Monique are both joining us as SEO Account Co-ordinators, and will be helping a number of different clients with their day-to-day online strategies. James is a recent digital graduate, with experience in web development and digital animation, while Monique’s social media background has seen her work with The AA, the National Trust and the fashion brand Internacionale.   

Having graduated from Newport University with a degree in Business & Marketing, Cher has worked for charities and public sector clients across England and Wales, and joins our PPC team as a PPC Account Executive. And Pembrokeshire-born Laura, who’ll be joining us as an SEO Specialist, has worked in web development, online marketing and database analysis for a number of clients since graduating with a Business & IT degree in 2006. 

Rosella, our new SEO Copywriter, is an English and Creative Writing graduate who has written for More Magazine, NME and a digital agency in Prague, and keeps herself busy by reviewing gigs and festivals in her spare time. Last but not least is Pooja, who comes to us as our new Social Media & PR specialist with content marketing experience in the entertainment industry in her native India. 

Are you interested in working for one of Britain’s fast-growing agencies? We’re always looking for talented marketers with a passion for digital. For more information about working at Liberty Marketing, visit our careers page today.

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