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The Tragic Trends: Relinquished Resolutions of 2017

  It turns out that 22nd of January is when the majority of us abandon our well-meaning resolutions and revert back to bad habits and behaviours. How do we know? Well, Google Trends told us of course.

Google has Enhanced Ecommerce!

(image: Colderice) Google announced this week it is updating Analytics for enhanced ecommerce. What does this mean for you if you run an online shop? Enhanced eCommerce for Google Analytics This latest development means eCommerce store owners will be able to quickly access more data regarding how customers are interacting with their site. Under the … Continued

8 Easy Ways to Impress Your Boss with Google Analytics

(image: ToonPool) Google Analytics may seem like a massively confusing system that you’ll never get your head around, but once you understand the basics it’s pretty easy to navigate. Here are a few simple ways marketers can impress senior management with their Analytics knowledge: 1. Tell your boss how people find your website It’s easy … Continued

How to Use Site Search to Grow Your Website

No matter how well your website works, there is almost always room for improvement. The battle isn’t over simply by getting visitors to your website, you need to find out how they are interacting with your website in order to make the most of their visit. One of the best ways to learn about how … Continued

Three SEO Tools to Make Your Job Easier

(image: Farm 5) When it comes to SEO everyone and their dog is trying to sell you thousands of different tools to help improve the way you do it. You can find everything from the black hat backlink generators to webmaster tools straight from Google. But what tools should you actually invest your time in? … Continued