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Our Guide to Programmatic Media Buying

If you haven’t heard of Programmatic Media Buying, then you should have. Programmatic is revolutionising demographic targeting in digital advertising and will, according to an eMarketer study, account for 70% of digital ad spending in 2017 – up 44 per cent in two years.


Formidable PPC Lessons for the January Sales

Black Friday is known for chaotic commerce and marketing madness, and each year new advances and challenges are discovered by those frantically attempting to stay ahead of the trend. This year was no different.


You Know You Work in PPC When…

If you work in PPC, the chances are you are slightly different to other humans. Some of these differences are likely down to nature, but others can be attributed to being nurtured in the world of PPC.


Find Your Treasure Trove through Promoted Pins. It’s Seriously Pinteresting…

Visual content has grown to become the easiest and most desirable to consume. Just about every dominant social networking platform allows marketers to showcase visual content to some capacity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they all represent the best medium for visual promotion.


Let Liberty Introduce You to Programmatic PPC Bidding

Here at Liberty, we are incredibly excited to offer Programmatic and RTB (real-time bidding) services. We even have a page for them (click here). But before you dive right in, we ought to explain what these services are.

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PPC Hints and Tips: Seasonality Adaption

CHRISTMAS. There, I said it. It’s that time of year where your average human being will wince at the thought of the festive season. But remember how we promise ourselves every year that we’ll prepare better for Christmas next year? The same should go for your PPC strategy.


Excel Formulas for PPC: 7 Tricks to Make Paid Search Simpler

As a general rule, PPC experts are highly proficient in Microsoft Excel. It’s not necessarily an all-essential piece of kit if you’re looking to win at paid search, but it does harbour a number of features that makes average account management more efficient.

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Google Launches a New Feature: Price Extensions

It’s no secret, Google loves testing new features – with a lot of these extending towards mobile in more recent years. To illustrate the importance of mobile traffic and how it influences user behaviour, Google has demonstrated to us that: 

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The Return of Tablet Bid Adjustments: Bringing Back an Old Favourite

Earlier this year, during the Google Performance Summit in San Francisco, Google announced it will be bringing back tablet device bidding. Now less than four months on and Google has delivered on its promise – much to the delight of many online advertisers:

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Should You Be Bidding on Branded Keywords?

So, your Marketing Manager has told you that your company is bidding on Brand terms in their AdWords account and you’re thinking to yourself, ‘have my staff gone mad? Don’t we rank organically for our brand?’