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Awesome October: Life at Liberty During the Autumn Months

So it’s the run up to Christmas and we’re as busy as ever. Between speaking at events, getting award nominations and escaping from tombs, it’s all pretty exhausting stuff. Thankfully, we’ve super-human stamina.


Think Clowns Are Scary? Check Out These Marketing Nightmares

With Halloween just around the corner, creepy clowns are rampaging around the UK. It’s pretty scary. But it’s not creepy circus characters keeping us up at night, these haunting marketing hiccups are:


Will Robots Be the Future of Digital Marketing?

The future is coming… and it’s scary. For many of us millennials, we might see a future where our jobs are done fully (and possibly better) by robots. This time last year the BBC created a very interesting tool on this very idea where you could type in your profession and find out the likelihood … Continued


Stats: Why Invest In Digital Marketing?

The new financial year is here j and that means one thing for many of us: analysing and projecting budget spend. So, how should you spend your marketing budget in 2016/17? On digital marketing, of course. Okay, admittedly, we’re a little biased… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Let’s take a look at recent … Continued


Old vs. New Fashion Advertising: An Evolution or Trend Cycle?

  Many believe the world of fashion marketing is cutting-edge, modern and unique, but is it really? Or is it more like the trends that come back around every few years (I’m still not convinced about flares) and simply the same concepts and designs but presented in a different manner? Fashion brands now enter our … Continued


Google is Testing Expandable View PLA Ads

Google is known for running tests from time to time and most recently a crafty eyed ecommerce solution provider noticed a new expandable product listing ad (PLA) display box. Have you spotted it? Expandable PLAs? What Are We on About? Run a quick search in Google and you’ll likely see PLAs appear at the top … Continued