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Ad Group Level Impression Share Metrics Come To PPC Advertising

As a result of numerous requests from online advertisers, Google AdWords has offered ad group level impression share metrics for the Search and Display Networks, making it easier to identify, analyse and track the success of your highest performing ad groups, helping you to ensure your ads capture the maximum number of impressions.

SEO Copywriting: Getting the Balance Right

Occasionally, amongst the more measurable techniques of link building and PPC advertising, SEO copywriting gets overlooked. Yet great SEO copywriting is an extremely valuable string to your online bow, performing numerous roles which improve your rankings, attract traffic, engage visitors and convert visits to sales. So why is SEO copywriting so powerful? And why is … Continued

Our book on Pay Per Click advertising and Google AdWords now free to download

Earlier in the year, Gareth was approached by an online publisher to write a book on Pay Per Click advertising. Bookboon publishes short textbooks for students, professionals and business owners to download from their site. They mentioned that there is a demand for easy to understand books in the world of online marketing and they … Continued