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keyword cannibalisation

What is Keyword Cannibalisation? Why Does It Matter?

  Have a huge site map, added a load of new products or categories, or simply think there may have been conflicting SEO efforts made during an agency handover? Then you’ll want to read this. 


Excel Formulas for PPC: 7 Tricks to Make Paid Search Simpler

As a general rule, PPC experts are highly proficient in Microsoft Excel. It’s not necessarily an all-essential piece of kit if you’re looking to win at paid search, but it does harbour a number of features that makes average account management more efficient.

google extension

Google Launches a New Feature: Price Extensions

It’s no secret, Google loves testing new features – with a lot of these extending towards mobile in more recent years. To illustrate the importance of mobile traffic and how it influences user behaviour, Google has demonstrated to us that: 


Will Robots Be the Future of Digital Marketing?

The future is coming… and it’s scary. For many of us millennials, we might see a future where our jobs are done fully (and possibly better) by robots. This time last year the BBC created a very interesting tool on this very idea where you could type in your profession and find out the likelihood … Continued

penguin 4-0

Penguin 4.0: Google Releases Cool New Algorithm Update

On Friday 23rd September 2016, Google announced it was rolling out its latest Penguin algorithm update across the world in a bid to stop sites spamming search rankings. You can read the release here. But after hearing the news we have questions. So, we did a little research and here’s what we found.


Local Quick Wins: 7 Ways to Improve Your Local SEO

Time and time again I see brands making a hash of their local SEO – and missing out on valuable custom. But local SEO needn’t be a headache. Here are my seven simple steps to fixing up your local search visibility: 

tablet adjustments

The Return of Tablet Bid Adjustments: Bringing Back an Old Favourite

Earlier this year, during the Google Performance Summit in San Francisco, Google announced it will be bringing back tablet device bidding. Now less than four months on and Google has delivered on its promise – much to the delight of many online advertisers:

Restuarants Near Me

Stats: The Rise and Rise of ‘Near Me’ Searches in Google

Never has the saying ‘a world of information at our fingertips’ ever been more true. Gone are the days where we find local information by typing in your address, town or even city. And could you imagine the youth of today using the Yellow Pages or a good old-fashioned A to Z paper map?