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Local Quick Wins: 7 Ways to Improve Your Local SEO

Time and time again I see brands making a hash of their local SEO – and missing out on valuable custom. But local SEO needn’t be a headache. Here are my seven simple steps to fixing up your local search visibility: 

tablet adjustments

The Return of Tablet Bid Adjustments: Bringing Back an Old Favourite

Earlier this year, during the Google Performance Summit in San Francisco, Google announced it will be bringing back tablet device bidding. Now less than four months on and Google has delivered on its promise – much to the delight of many online advertisers:

Restuarants Near Me

Stats: The Rise and Rise of ‘Near Me’ Searches in Google

Never has the saying ‘a world of information at our fingertips’ ever been more true. Gone are the days where we find local information by typing in your address, town or even city. And could you imagine the youth of today using the Yellow Pages or a good old-fashioned A to Z paper map?


Liberty’s Upgraded from G-Cloud 6 to G-Cloud 8!

You may have noticed our snazzy new site, with our fresh new look and a style (that at least we feel) reflects our business more accurately. But while we’ve all been oohing and ahhing at the turning cogs and the soaring rocket on our homepage, there’s been another upgrade.

Google Adwords Liberty Markting

Should You Be Bidding on Branded Keywords?

So, your Marketing Manager has told you that your company is bidding on Brand terms in their AdWords account and you’re thinking to yourself, ‘have my staff gone mad? Don’t we rank organically for our brand?’


Meet the Team: Sophie Harris

It’s an exciting time at Liberty at the moment, we’re working with clients, new and old, to create some great results and we couldn’t do this without our fabulous team. We’ve recently added a new face to the copywriting team – please say hello to Sophie Harris.

catching a jinx on pokemon go

Gotta Catch ‘Em All: The World’s Penchant for Pokémon Go

Have you noticed the increasing number of people walking around in a daze talking about virtual monsters, attacking gyms, hatching eggs and using incense? Don’t panic! The apocalypse hasn’t arrived … but Pokémon Go has!

Google Adwords

Google Gives Back Control with Changes to Device Bidding in AdWords

Hurray! Google has finally given control back to advertisers over the amount we can bid on desktop, tablet and mobile traffic. This will enable us to decide how much we’re willing to spend per click on each device. But, there’s a catch – Google hasn’t completely handed over the reins just yet.