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Campaigns We Love: Tales By Light – Canon Australia

This campaign comes in a different form than what you’re used to on this blog as it’s not strictly a digital campaign, but regardless of that, I feel as though it’s one of the best examples of content marketing I have ever come across. Let me explain why.

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Should social influencers be more responsible?

Whilst it might seem crazy that a story about a YouTuber has made national news, this is the unfortunate world we’re currently living in! On the 14th of February, it was announced that PewDiePie, the world’s biggest YouTuber, has been dropped by Disney and YouTube.


Liberty’s Top Tips for a Marvellous Migration

While migrating your website is an exciting transition, it can also be a little bit picky too. With so many variables to consider it can be more than a little bit stressful when attempting to secure a smooth transition.


The Tragic Trends: Relinquished Resolutions of 2017

  It turns out that 22nd of January is when the majority of us abandon our well-meaning resolutions and revert back to bad habits and behaviours. How do we know? Well, Google Trends told us of course.


2016: A Guide to a Great Year

It’s been one heck of a year for us here at Liberty and so we thought we’d have a little brag breakdown of it instead of our monthly round up.


Why Lazy Local SEO Literally Ruined Christmas and New Year

Let me set the scene: It’s December 24th at 5pm. Work is over for the year and you need to pick up the last few bits and bobs for Christmas Day (or if you’re like me then you actually need to start your Christmas shopping). Like the 89% of people who search for a local … Continued


Formidable PPC Lessons for the January Sales

Black Friday is known for chaotic commerce and marketing madness, and each year new advances and challenges are discovered by those frantically attempting to stay ahead of the trend. This year was no different.


You Know You Work in PPC When…

If you work in PPC, the chances are you are slightly different to other humans. Some of these differences are likely down to nature, but others can be attributed to being nurtured in the world of PPC.