Google has started testing out longer headlines on certain AdWords accounts. In a post on the AdWords blog yesterday, the company announced:

"Starting today and over the next few days, we’re changing the placement of the first description line for certain ads that appear above the search results on Google. For some ads where each line appears to be a distinct sentence and ends in the proper punctuation, description line 1 will be moved to the headline and separated by a hyphen. As a result, some top placement ads will have longer headlines."

The adverts look like the Swift Cover one below:

What will this mean for Pay Per Click advertisers?

We are certain that click through rates for advertisers that get this right will increase but it will come at a cost:

  • Being in the top 3 results is now more attractive, so bids will surely start increasing.
  • Advertisers that prefer longer copy, with messages spread out across two lines, will have to re-think the way they write.
  • Adverts without enough room for punctuation at the end of the first line will need to be re-written – something easier said than done if you are bidding on words containing a lot of letters.
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