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Were you aware that every time a website links to yours you climb further and further up the search engine rankings? The importance of using a professional link building service cannot be overstated as without strong links in place, all of your carefully thought out content and keywords will go to waste.


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Search engines are one big popularity contest, and unless you can prove your site is well-liked and well respected, they will choose to show your competitors instead.

The search engines place a lot of value on link popularity and link quality, so you need to use an inbound link building service which gives your site a strong link profile, convincing the search engines it’s worth displaying right at the top of the pile.

How does an inbound link building service work?

We establish links on your behalf which focus on improving your search engine rankings. The link building campaign ensures your website receives inbound links from a variety of sources, including:
  • Niche and industry specific directories
  • Social networking and social bookmarking sites
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Article, news and PR sites
We will also send out regular link requests to authoritative sites in your industry and will seek links from organisations which deal with your business. Over time, the number of websites pointing towards yours grows substantially, allowing your site to overtake your competition in the organic search listings.

Expert and ethical UK inbound link building services

There are certain links which can have a detrimental effect and actually harm your website ranking. Unfortunately, as these are often the easiest ones to put in place, many SEO companies choose to use them. We prefer to stick to the best practice link building techniques which we’ve built over years of carrying out this type of work. Our inbound link building services mimic natural linking habits, and avoid landing your website with a search engine penalty.

Please be assured that all links are built in-house, by the Liberty team and by hand. We do not outsource this work to foreign companies and do not use auto-submission software.

If you do not have a large online marketing budget you still shouldn’t ignore our link building services. Even just a few high quality links to your site can show a positive effect on your traffic and enquiry levels. You should be aware, however, that if your company is competing in a particularly busy market, then an intense, on-going link building service will be essential.

Our inbound link building service not only increases your search engine rankings, it also increases the amount of traffic your site will receive. To find out more speak to our friendly team on 029 2076 6467.
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