Liberty has been helping businesses big and small make a splash since 2008.
This is our story.

Who we are

Liberty was founded in 2008, when online marketing was still an untamed frontier.

Dodgy digital marketers roamed the web unchecked and businesses big and small were getting royally screwed by these mercenary crooks. Something had to be done. Where was the digital gold standard by which all online marketers could be measured?

Enter Liberty.

We foresaw a future where businesses could see exactly what their agency was doing on their behalf, and were getting real, measurable results in return. And if you want something done right…

Fast forward to today and we’ve become Wales’ largest online marketing agency. We like to put this down to our transparency, our expertise, and our proven track record for getting results, but don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself.

We’re a merry band of digital marketers, creatives, data geeks and social obsessives, all with one thing in common: our mission to get you targeted traffic that converts.

What can we do for you?

We offer independent, specialist online marketing services to businesses throughout the world.

This means things like:


Search engine optimisation

Driving custom to your website from the big three search engines.


Pay per click (PPC) ad management

Setting up and running high performing online ad campaigns that bring new users to your site.


Content creation

Dreaming up and creating shareable multimedia content that builds a buzz around your brand.


Social media marketing

Growing your online community, maintaining beautiful customer relationships and boosting brand recognition in your target markets.


Conversion rate optimisation

Putting your website through the wringer to make conversions easy as a Sunday morning.


Training & consultancy

Assessing and evaluating your digital marketing efforts so far, then pointing you in the right direction.