About us

Flying the flag for better digital marketing

This is our story

Liberty was founded in 2008, because our CEO, Gareth Morgan, couldn’t find a single digital marketing agency who wasn’t trying to rip him off. So he started his own. 

More than 15 years later, we’re one of the UK’s most respected digital agencies with more than 40 staff and dozens of ambitious clients. But our mission remains the same: 

We stand against those who miss-sell, mislead and give digital marketing a bad name.

Our Values

1. Accountable

We create great work by taking responsibility for our decision-making with a relentless determination to make our projects succeed.

2. Brave

We know our stuff and we’re not afraid to push the boundaries to drive our clients forward.

3. Curious

Audiences are constantly changing and we thrive on finding new and exciting ways to engage with them.

We’ll be your
proactive partner