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Jamie grew up around the graphic design world and always had one foot in the digital marketing world. Upon realising he was nearly 30 it was time for him to focus on my career and move from freelancing and doing SEO for my own projects to making this my career. He loves the uncertainty in SEO and how in most cases common sense generally prevails. If you want your site to be seen make it helpful and useful to your users.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I can hold my breath for about 3 minutes

What’s been the proudest moment of your life so far?

Becoming a father to my two boys

What’s been the biggest professional achievement of your life so far?

Without a doubt an official, unofficial Gareth Morgan handshake for being a rising star at Liberty

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Worry about what you can control and/or influence, time spent worrying about things out of your control is futile

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