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Matthew has worked across a variety of sectors, from television production and trade associations to L&D and news publishers. A background of working with clients ranging from international broadcasters to local traders has provided the experience to modify his approach to suit his audience. In particular, he likes to be the ‘bridge’ between technical and creative teams, allowing for better collaboration between the two disciplines.

Matthew is responsible for operations at Liberty, and ensuring the right resources are available to clients to maximise success for all parties

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

 In a previous role, I was responsible for casting the actors for the voice-overs of the Muppets into Mandarin Chinese. 

What’s been the proudest moment of your life so far?

On a personal level, watching my three daughters grow into talented young women. Professionally, I have a signed poster from Martin Scorsese inscribed with “To Matthew, thanks for all your help, Martin”.

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