Social | December 5, 2013

5 Reasons why you should never buy Facebook likes

As tempting as it may be, buying fake followers on Facebook or Twitter will not be beneficial to you at all. There is the argument that you want to look like an established company and so less than 50 likes will look unprofessional. This isn’t true at all. Do NOT buy likes! Here’s why:

People will notice

You’re a local business with 10,000 ‘likes’ even though you’ve only had Facebook for three days? Yep, that happened naturally (read with plenty of sarcasm). People aren’t stupid and they know those likes aren’t organic, which will destroy the ‘established on Facebook’ look you’re going for. In fact, it may even backfire on you as real customers will make you the butt of their jokes when talking about people who buy fans.

They have zero impact

These ‘likes’ that you’ve forked out hard-earned cash for will not benefit you financially in any way. Fake accounts are just that, fake. They won’t interact with you, talk to you with their friends or buy your goods or services. They will do exactly nothing. If you’re simply buying to bulk out your numbers then you would be much better off investing that money into sponsored posts – this will get you seen by real people who may actually buy from you.

It’ll damage your EdgeRank

Facebook introduced this update called EdgeRank which limits the amount of audience your posts will reach unless you choose to sponsor the post. If 90% of your likes are fake accounts then you may never reach a real person with your statuses. When you eventually do have a good number of real likes you may decide that you want to get rid of all the fake ones in order to increase your reach – good luck! Deleting all those fake likes will be a very time consuming process.

Numbers mean nothing

No, really. Numbers mean absolutely nothing on social media. Who cares if you have a reach of 1 million? It doesn’t actually mean that you’re business sells a million products every time you stick up a post. In fact you may be better off just having an audience of 100 people who actually interact with your business outside of social networks. This is especially true of local businesses – if you only provide a service to a certain area having thousands of likes from other countries really won’t mean anything to you even if they are real people.

Quality not quantity

When it comes to social media it’s all about having quality fans and getting your audience to interact with you. You want to inform people about the latest deals and offers you have in store and remind them about your best selling products. If they already shop with you then this could be the push they need to go back to you, or if they’re looking for products you sell then a simple post could drive new custom your way. This is something you will never get with fake followers.

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