6 Reasons Your Business Needs to Manage Its Reputation Online

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Owen Whitcombe

Senior SEO Specialist

Online or offline, a business lives and dies by its reputation. Whether on social media, blogs or news websites, there are plenty of places online where your brand’s ‘digital footprint’ will be talked about – whether that’s in a good or bad way.

With so many social avenues available, it’s essential to keep a handle on what people are saying about your brand and ensure it is well-represented online. That’s what online reputation management is all about.

Here’s how it can help:

1 – It offers you an insight into customer behaviour 

The key to a successful business is devastatingly simple: ascertain what people are looking for and give it to them. Before the internet, marketers had to pay eye-watering amounts for data or conduct time-consuming surveys to see what people were willing to spend their hard-earned money.

Nowadays the customer behaviour information that you need is online at your fingertips.

2 – It allows you to identify influencers

Any successful PR strategy focuses on identifying the most influential people and publications for your target market and establishing a way for them to talk about your brand. Using online reputation management, you can see which people (and where) are talking about your company and engage with them.

3 – It’s essential for local SEO

Did you know that 85% of people search online for local businesses? And when it comes to local search, online reputation management is hugely important. After all, if you’re looking for an Indian restaurant in Cardiff and click on a reviews site like TripAdvisor and see that a particular restaurant has poor reviews, you’re going to take your custom elsewhere.

However, a business with decent reviews and was making every effort to help customers with any grievances that they may have will appear responsible and committed to an enjoyable experience. A study into local search by Search Engine Land showed that 65% of people read between 2 and 10 reviews before deciding whether to eat at an establishment. So if you’re carefully protecting your brand’s reputation you’re sure to see more local sales.

4 – It’s trusted by customers

There’s one great reason to take online reputation management seriously – people trust what they read online. According to the Search Engine Land study, 72% of consumers online regard online reviews as important as recommendations from a friend. What’s more, 58% of people will trust a business that’s got positive reviews online.

If you’re able to monitor what people are saying about you and engage with them in a way that puts your business in a better light, you’ll see the difference in your turnover.

5 – It shines a light on your customer service

Whether you’re an eCommerce business or conduct all of your business offline, you won’t get very far at all without a commitment to customer service.

Taking a look at your reputation online allows you an insight into how your customers feel they’re treated by your staff – establishing ways that you can improve in the future. Perhaps there are up-selling opportunities that your employees are neglecting or ways that you’re disappointing individual customers. Either way, it helps you to improve the way you treat your customers.

6 – It keeps your customers loyal

Social media and online reputation management offers the perfect opportunity to listen and talk with people relevant to your business. And guess what? Consumers love it when brands interact with them and solve their problems.

The statistics speak for themselves:

• 71% of customers who experience an effective response on social media are likely to recommend the brand to friends. (NM Incite)

• Customers spend up to 40% more with a company if it responds to customer service issues over social media. (Bain)

• 81% are willing to spend more for products and services if it guarantees a better customer experience.  (Acctiva)

Identifying your customers’ problems and dealing with them in a quick, decisive manner won’t just help them – it’ll boost your brand in the long term.

Are you looking for ways to improve the way that your brand interacts with consumers? Talk to us today about how our online reputation management and social media services can transform your ROI, online and offline.

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Owen Whitcombe

Senior SEO Specialist

Owen has worked in primarily Ecommerce since leaving University. Many years spent in the online sports retail arena before gaining experience in the online catering business then becoming digital marketing manager for national toy company before finding his feet in SEO. As a results driven individual Owen loves nothing more than when we can give…

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