A Day in The Life of a Quality and Resource Manager

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Sophie Monks

Senior Social Specialist

Hey Nicci! Introduce yourself…

Hi! I’m Nicci, your friendly neighbourhood Quality & Resource Manager. 7 Years ago, I fell into Project Management, and never looked back.

I started my career working for an artwork and repro agency in Essex, manging the artwork projects for Britvic Soft Drinks. My days were full of J2O, Pepsi, Robinsons, Fruit Shoot and more – as well as some of the loveliest clients I’ve ever worked with.

After 4 years, I popped over to Weetabix to manage and govern their pack and product change projects. Being welcomed into the office by the smell of freshly baked Weetabix was so special, and the role taught me so much about the importance of working with cross-functional teams in a large business to ensure all changes are in the best interest of the business. After realising I like sleeping in my own bed and not the Travelodge in Burton Latimer, I found myself at Liberty Marketing and the rest, as they say, is history.

So, what are your role responsibilities?

My main responsibilities at Liberty consist of monitoring projects for profitability, quality, deadlines, and adherence to the original brief. I also keep the work distributed nicely across the teams and keep everyone working to a nice level of capacity.

I do also love a good procedure, so I’m regularly keeping on top of our internal processes to ensure we’re working as effectively as possible. I’m also a hoot to work with, not a responsibility but I like to blow my own horn.

What does a typical working day look like as a Quality and Resource Manager?

I’m always busiest at the end of the month, just before the new month commences, but here’s a typical working day…

8am: Reverse into a bay at work. Park wonky. Try again. And maybe again.

8:30am: Hello colleagues, I have arrived! Get me a coffee, stat! Usually accompanied by a morning hug from my work wife, Charley.

8:35am ’til Lunch: An array of project meetings, creating delivery plans, ensuring progress is being made on projects and deadlines are being met. Allocating resources to a new project, and moving things around as necessary. Crack a few jokes. Track the profitability of all projects, including the split between specialisms, doing magic maths to work out those sweet, sweet percentages.

Lunchtime: Usually embarrass myself playing Fifa, or score some absolute screamers through sheer luck.

Lunch ’til 4:30pm: More meetings – there’s a common for me! Solve any problems that arise and update Liberty’s processes to ensure the same problems don’t happen again. I’ll plan capacity for the next month, making sure people aren’t so busy they’ll be working evenings and weekends. Followed by having a couple of snacks and then I’d probably head to the gym!

What are the misconceptions of your role?

For some reason people think processes and procedures slow things down – but organised fun is more fun!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Working with a bunch of the loveliest, most intelligent marketing geeks. Everyone is really keen on understanding the latest trends in the industry and how we can incorporate them into our service offerings. We’re always trying to do better, be better, get better results.

We also throw one hell of a party, you’re never short of friends if you’re a Libertine.

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Is there a project/campaign you’re particularly proud to have taken part in?

There have been a few projects where we have literally saved businesses and people’s jobs, those are the ones that make you feel as though you’re really making a difference. Seeing someone’s company make more money than they ever imagined is amazing.

What’s next for you at Liberty?

Keep working on ‘better’! Make processes better, make our results better, be bigger and better.

Do you have any advice for other budding Quality and Resource Managers?

I think anyone who is naturally detailed orientated, organised and friendly can be a Quality & Resource Manager.

There are a million different courses you could go on that will teach you the basics of ‘project management’ or ‘change management’, but save your money for a calculator and get yourself into a busy, fast-paced agency and you’ll be flying in no time.

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Senior Social Specialist

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