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Sophie Monks

Senior Social Specialist

You almost lost me on a wild foodie tangent then, but I’ve come back down to earth with the help of a single pig-in-blanket.

So, here’s a roundup of November (2019) at Liberty.

#1 Wales’ New Digital Marketing Ambassador for Wales is Our Very Own MD!

Gareth, Managing Director of Liberty, has been announced as the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s new Digital Ambassador for Wales. Fancy, huh?

As the Digital Ambassador on the Board of CIM Wales, Gareth’s mission is to highlight the importance of digital skills in Wales and help marketers in Wales use digital better as a channel. Working to overcome the skills shortage in the country and put Wales at the forefront of innovative digital practices.

Watch this space!

#2 The Digital Ambassador’s First Task: Organise A CIM Digital Marketing Masterclass

Shortly to be followed by an event round-up which we will share here.

#3 ‘Pitches Be Crazy’ Proves To Be a Hit

A blog put together by Gareth and the Senior Management Team (SMT) on their experiences of pitches has been widely successful.

The funny piece shares some unbelievable pitching experiences that have seen our team gathered in a canteen delivering the proposal, crammed into a shoebox-size room, another time they were without a projector or screen to deliver the pitch… The list goes on. But it continues on to share insightful hints and tips to arrange pitches that benefit both the pitcher and the pitched.

It’s been branded controversial. But if we can help businesses in all aspects of their digital marketing – sourcing the right digital partner included – then we’ve done our job.

#4 We Had an Office Interior Update

Since spreading across two floors, we’ve acquired a few blank white walls that are desperate to be dressed. Thankfully, this month we did just that to a couple of different corners.

Admiral Ben now graces the SMT’s end of the office, overlooking the group of seniors and Gareth himself. We’ve been told that we are to salute him as we approach the desks, but between you and me – I don’t see that lasting!

In other spaces of the office, our company values are proudly being displayed. It helps to digest these regularly to keep the teams united in what we’re trying to achieve. They help to prioritise tasks, remind us of appropriate office behaviours and keep us focused.

The way they’re designed also helps (If I do say so myself!).

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Sophie Monks

Senior Social Specialist

Sophie has over 6 years of experience in the social media and content space, working in both in-house organisations and agencies. She has worked with exciting established brands in her time such as Campari, Aperol Spritz, Oppo Ice Cream and PayPal Australia. She enjoys the content creation process – from mapping out the shot and…

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