Are You Using Your Online Channels Effectively? Let’s Find Out

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Stephanie Williams

Content Team Manager

Online media is spreading like wildfire, it seems like every time you turn on your computer there’s another new media site, several more bloggers, a plethora of news sites and we’re not even going to mention new social media posts.

The good news is that this gives you ample opportunity to use the internet to push your business; the bad news is that if you’re not doing it effectively then you’ll have better luck bailing out your boat with a thimble.  Here’s how you should be using your online channels:

Consistent message

Is how you portray yourself over social media, your blog and in person different? Well, they shouldn’t be! You want to give your customers a consistent message and by acting differently across various channels they are going to become confused.


Make sure that: You define your ‘brand voice’ and stick with it. Also, wherever possible, display your company’s logo and utilize your colours – this will help to build up not only a better brand image, but increased trust from your customers. 

Marry your services

When it comes to online marketing it pays to team up your services. For example, when you publish a blog post you should be pushing it using social media to help make more people aware of it. Similarly, when guest blogging it is a good idea to incorporate a bit of PR, so that people understand who you are as a company. Have you ever tried using PPC on a page that isn’t properly optimised? Chances are you didn’t get anywhere near the conversions you wanted.


Make sure that: You are using multiple channels simultaneously to get the best results from your online marketing. Experiment to see which services work best together and which don’t as well, then make the necessary changes to get the best results.

Check analytics

How can you know whether or not your services are working if you aren’t looking at your analytics? You can’t, it’s as simple as that. By regularly checking out what your visitors are doing you can see which of your online channels are performing best and where you need to improve. This can flag up areas on your website that need improvement.


Make sure that: You learn how to correctly use and measure with Analytics. It can be a scary programme and a lack of knowledge can mean that you make unnecessary changes. That said, if and when you do find things aren’t working so well then remove, change or update them as soon as possible. 

Does it work?

You would be surprised by the amount of companies who plan a 6 month or yearlong online marketing campaign and let it run whether or not it works. While it is extremely rare that a campaign will go viral overnight, no results for six months are something you should be worried about. If this has happened to you then it is probably time you sought some help from the professionals.

At Liberty Marketing we have years of experience in delivering effective online campaigns, delivering a strong ROI and helping to increase your online image. We already know how to effectively utilise different online channels, so we can save you money by doing it right the first time.

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Stephanie Williams

Content Team Manager

After impressing Liberty on a work experience placement during her final year of university back in 2013, Steph was offered a role as a Junior Copywriter and joined the team after graduation. Since then, her hard work has seen her promoted multiple times to her current position leading the content team. She has a degree…

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