August at Liberty. A month of summertime serenity (as if!).

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Sophie Monks

Senior Social Specialist

“Now guess who’s back with a brand new rap…”

Indeed Eminem made a comeback with a surprise 13-track album, Kamikaze, at the end of the month but we don’t really care about that (though Charlotte would argue otherwise!). Instead, we’re referencing our monthly round-up. It’s been a little while, but we’re keen to pick these back up and share life at Liberty with you once again.

So, August at Liberty. Where do we begin?! We started on a high in the scorching temperatures, and although the degrees celsius (°C) dropped our spirits remained elevated with some big client wins and an outrageous company day out.


#1 Trub.

It all starts with ‘Trub Night’ (we don’t know where the name came from either) a highly competitive quarterly FIFA competition between Libertines. If you think that sounds like fun – think again – this is as serious as serious comes. There’s a live spreadsheet keeping scores to differentiate the footie kings/queens from the amateurs and whilst you might think it’s tactful keeping a low score to get first dibs on the best players, I’d argue that the banter simply isn’t worth it!

trub night at Liberty

However, from all accounts on August the 3rd, this was a fairly tame night with Account Manager Greg Landon coming out on top.


#2 We know who was the most valuable FIFA World Cup player. *smug face*

Continuing with the Football theme we proudly shared an attribution piece that uncovered the most valuable French Football team players during their World Cup run.

  1. Because we wanted a reasonable excuse to be glued to the football.
  2. And, since our Analytics whizz Sam continues to have incredible response from his (practically famous) attribution modelling talk.

It was a great success (even if we do say so ourselves!) and it effectively shares what we’ve always known to be true; that attributing conversions to its last-click doesn’t paint a clear picture of the effectiveness of an entire marketing campaign. Often downplaying the effectiveness of content marketing, PR and most SEO.

If you’re unaware of the different multi-channel attribution models available to you, it’s equally a great content piece to better understand and learn about the alternative models.


read the attribution piece here


#3 Some team wins!

This August we had a couple of reasons to celebrate our personnel too. Our Senior Creative Content Executive, Steph Lamerton, has been with us for 5 years. 5 years?! And Rachel Bloom, our Digital Retail Strategist has been with us 7 years. Where does the time go! Our team also grew by two, welcoming Senior PPC Specialist Jeremy and Account Manager Shoban. We celebrated with team lunches and cake, lots and lots of cake.

august round up staff wins

The picture of Steph above was taken back in 2013, just after she started working at Liberty, and that’s not the only golden oldie we stumbled across. Just look at this suite of fresh faces!


#4 When the Libertines became the Goonies

Amongst the celebrations we held our quarterly Company Meeting. These are held to update staff on work progress, new client wins, business developments and of any important policy updates. Lots of good news and positivity was shared, including a pile of pastel de nata’s from Nata & Co, which led nicely into the Company Day Out. It’s good team building and from a work force perspective it’s a heap load of fun with (usually) a free dinner. This time at Zero Degrees, have you tried these guys’ pizza? INSANE.

Liberty Company Day Out

Our Company Day Out took us into the city of Cardiff; the traffic was light and the sun was shining making it the perfect day for a Pub treasure hunt. And if you haven’t noticed already, we’re very competitive here at Liberty – especially when medals are involved – and the treasure hunt was no exception.

august medals

#5 Gareth shared an Advanced AdWords (or rather Google Ads) talk at Figaro Digital in London.

The seminar was a great success and the feedback from the various marketing professionals in the room was impressive. Figaro Digital will be holding more Digital Spotlight events throughout the remainder of the year, so be sure to catch one + we’ll see you there!

advanced adwords presentation

watch the video button


Thank you for taking the time to read our round-up. We’ll aim to bring you an insight to Liberty Life on a monthly basis with September’s already looking like it’s going to be a treat!


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Sophie Monks

Senior Social Specialist

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