Author: Emily Benwell

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Tasteless Trendjacking and Keyword Squatting

Trendjacking tragedies is still a thing. This is not ok. Will people ever learn how destructive shameless self promotion by trendjacking tragedies is to a brand?! We investigate with our ongoing evergreen content.


Valentines Day, to gift, or not to gift?

Brits have moved from sending anonymous cards to buying extravagant gifts for their loved ones, gal-pals and even their pets. Today, we look at 2019’s trends.


Domain Authority 2.0 is coming!

The industry standard for measuring the value of a site and the strength of a domain is changing. Domain Authority, a leading industry tool for insights relative to ranking, and it’s about to change. Moz, leading SEO software providers are leading the charge with a brand spanking new machine-learning model, but have warned to prepare … Continued


Woah, That Month Flew By! January’s Round-up

We’re already 31 days into 2019, how did that happen? A blink and it’s gone, Christmas already seems like a distant memory. But with big things to come we’ve got our sights firmly set forward, there’s no time for looking back!


How Best to Use Imagery to Drive Ad Campaigns

Something catch your eye? Imagery is central to ensuring your ad campaign reaches who it needs to. In a world where we’re overwhelmed by information, entertainment and visual sensations, it can be tough to stand out.


Merry Christmas from Liberty

What a whirlwind month, and in fact – year! 2018 comes to an end and Liberty celebrates with a bang.


Our Favourite Chrome Extensions Uncovered

As Google Premier Partners we primarily use Chrome to browse the web, and as digital marketers we carry out majority of our work online.