Barack Obama’s Guide to Writing the Perfect Meta Description

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Stephanie Williams

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Barack Obama, we won’t need telling you, is one of the most powerful men on the planet.

Having surrounded himself with people who are masters of their field, he’s regarded as a wise president that makes informed decisions and delivers powerful speeches with steel and grace.

And do you know what? The 44th President of the United States could teach us much about meta descriptions too. Here’s you can create magnificent meta descriptions with a little help from Barack:


What this means for your meta description

If your metas aren’t encouraging people to click through to your website then you can’t just sit around waiting for this to be different.

You need to take action and find out what is wrong with what is currently in place. Look at the meta descriptions: do they read well? Are they spelt and punctuated correctly? Are they between 140-150 characters?

Once you’ve figured out where you are going wrong you need to take steps to fix the errors by changing or re-writing these snippets.


What this means for your meta description

Don’t expect to see immediate changes to take place the moment you change your descriptions. It’s all about the long game.

For some users there will be cached results that will show your old information until their browser refreshes. However, new users should see the difference straight away.

If you have written a brilliant snippet with a great call to action then you should start seeing improve click-through rates.


What this means for your meta description

Replace the word hip-hop with meta description and that is exactly what you need.

You’re trying to stand out in a crowd of similarity and you need to do this by grabbing people’s attention with you message and encourage them to use your business.

However you aren’t able to deliver a whole sales spiel, you only have 150 characters  to make an impact.


What this means for your meta description

Getting results isn’t always easy. Everybody who runs an online business wants their site to be the first thing that pops up for certain keywords and they all desire to resonate with their users. But this isn’t always easily done.

To make your mark you need to work at it. Play around with your meta descriptions. What works well? What doesn’t? Like other parts of onsite optimisation, the perfect meta description needs an analytical approach. And sometimes it takes time to know what works best.


What this means for your meta description

While meta descriptions need to be spectacular and attention grabbing they also need to relate to the landing page. Otherwise you’ll see a very high bounce rate.

It’s also important to consider that you could have the most amazing meta description and page titles on the internet, but if your website isn’t user-friendly or relevant then it simply won’t matter – it’ll be like a pig with lipstick on.


What this means for your meta description

Doing everything on your own, your own way and in your own style is a fool’s task.

Nobody ever got to the top without a little help along the way and this is never more accurate than with the internet. Unless you are a web designer, you wouldn’t build the website yourself so why try carry out your own onsite optimisation?

An agency could get you much better rankings in a much faster time frame than you could achieve yourself – something that is definitely worth thinking about.


What this means for your meta description

Just because people aren’t clicking through to your site right now doesn’t mean that they never will.

But similarly, if you are getting plenty of traffic now doesn’t mean you always will. Your website isn’t something that can just be set up and left, you need to monitor and change it regularly in order to keep progressing.

Your current state is subject to regular change so you need to keep pushing forward.


What this means for your meta description

All you need to do is put your mind to the task and you can make a difference.

There are no excuses for not trying. Lack of money? Do it yourself. Lack of time? Hire people to do it for you. Lack of knowledge? The internet is out there to help you learn everything you need to know.

There are no excuses but you need to take the first step towards making a different to your website today.

We may not be the President of the United States, but Liberty has all the knowledge you need to get your website performing and helping you to hit all your goals. To find out more about getting the perfect meta descriptions to drive traffic to your site then talk to us today on 02920 766467.

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