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Charlie Rudd

Head of Agency Performance

Last week, some of the Liberty team made the six-monthly pilgrimage to the South Coast for BrightonSEO, undoubtedly one of the highlights in the calendar for the search-obsessed marketer. 

One of those team members was our Beth (below), who spoke at the event about Accessibility in SEO and why it’s an increasingly-important topic to be aware of. We’re admittedly biased, but she smashed it – and you can see the slides here

Beth Barnham talking at Brighton SEO about accessibility

Read on to find out some of our team’s highlights from Brighton.

Georgia – Digital PR Specialist

“I loved Jen Gray’s talk about making measurement mean something in Digital PR. Search visibility is the desired end product of our PR activity, so our reporting should always centre around that.

Luke Budka’s talk about what national journalists do and don’t want was really eye-opening – particularly about the benefits of being speedily proactive – and I enjoyed Sophie Rhone talking about reactive PR. It’s all about offering those unique perspectives to conversations with journalists.”

Bethan – Digital Strategist

Areej Abuali talking at BrightonSEO about product listings

“Beth, obviously, because her talk was so important. Not enough companies are thinking about their accessibility strategy.

Kathryn Monkcom’s talk on managing stress (and not catching it from others) was really interesting on a personal level – how we can move from a ‘drama triangle’ to the empowerment dynamic.

And Areej Abuali was super interesting around the tech SEO side of driving organic revenue: getting the most from product listings but also working with content and social teams better.

The best thing I ate? Without doubt, an almond croissant from the Flowerpot Bakery.” 

Lewis – Digital PR Specialist

“I thought Raluca Zdru’s talk on implementing media hubs into digital pr strategies was a great avenue to explore to alleviate the inevitable dependency so many of us have on what can often be cold pitching.

It’s a far more inviting prospect for journalists to dive into a load of usable material on a relevant topic rather than one standalone story. It also allows cataloguing media assets in a way that journalists and press contacts are able to revisit when they need it, eliminating a lot of guess work on both ends of the relationship.”

Beth – Senior Tech SEO Specialist

“My favourite was also Kathryn’s Stress talk, which did teach me some valuable lessons about anxiety and stress. 

I also loved Krista Seiden’s super-informative Thursday keynote Why SEOs should love (not fear) GA4.  Learning how we can welcome it by setting up landing page reports right at the beginning of migrations helps us to get data on the pages we care about straight away. Understanding the ‘out of the box’ events which auto populate and give us data was useful too.

Matt Greenwoods’ Spreadsheet sorcery: a Google sheets guide to the aspiring wizard was helpful in understanding a few cheats to Google Sheets and the link between SQL formulas and normal formulas.

There’s a lot of wonderful people in digital and it’s so nice to see so many people in one place. I managed to get myself through to Friday afternoon without having an anxious meltdown before my talk, so I guess I learned I can deal with nerves better than I thought.

And now I’m really tired.”

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Charlie Rudd

Head of Agency Performance

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