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How to use FOMO Effectively

Nobody likes to feel like they’re missing out. Do you always feel like people you know are up to more exciting things than you? A little envious of Liberty Marketing’s poppin’ Instagram feed? Suddenly compelled to buy something based off an ad pushing exclusivity?


Tasteless Trendjacking and Keyword Squatting

Trendjacking tragedies is still a thing. This is not ok. Will people ever learn how destructive shameless self promotion by trendjacking tragedies is to a brand?! We investigate with our ongoing evergreen content.


8 Best Practices for a High-Converting Landing Page

Crafting a high-converting landing page is indeed an art and a science. An art and a science that is important to perfect since landing pages influence an impression of your business, how users interact with your site and whether they choose to return.

Black Friday Guide

The Liberty Black Friday Guide

With just over one month to go, but there’s no time like the present to start your Black Friday 2017 marketing strategy. In fact, if you don’t start soon, it may be too late! But not to worry, we’ve got your back. Our Digital Retail Strategist, Rachel, has teamed up with Chris, our Digital Delivery … Continued


Digital Detox: A Very Mobile Xmas Infographic

Mobile Xmas Stats We’re becoming more and more reliant on our smartphones, but how much is this affecting our Xmas spirit? Here’s a handy infographic giving you a wealth of stats about our mobile use!


Liberty get Ready to Rock Retail @ Google’s London HQ

Earlier this week, the Google Partners ran an exclusive event for digital marketers at their London HQ and we sent 3 of our account managers along to learn the latest. The Ready to Rock Retail event covered all the latest in retail trends and how we can optimise our Ecommerce campaigns to make the most … Continued


Purchases On Google Coming Very Soon, Plus More!

There was a big announcement from Google last week and no, it wasn’t regarding a black and white animal. Users will soon be able to buy things straight from Google making the buying process easier than ever! Get the lowdown on this latest online shopping development, plus other PPC news, here: