Common Pay Per Click Advertising Mistakes

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Cher Window

PPC Specialist

Don’t let it be said that we aren’t willing to share here at Liberty. Yes we do have our own team of pay per click advertising specialists and yes they are extremely good at what they do, however, we are still willing to spend a little bit of time compiling this list of common pay per click advertising mistakes you should avoid like the plague should you decide to run your pay per click advertising campaign in-house.

Analyse your results

A pay per click advertising campaign is for life, not just for Christmas. Granted that’s a poor use of metaphor but it does help to emphasise just how important it is to look after your pay per click advertising campaign. You shouldn’t simply set it free to roam; it needs constant care and nurturing. All those statistics enable you to fine tune your campaign and cut off the fat, leaving a lean, streamlined and effective campaign.

Take your time over keyword choice

Choose your keywords wisely. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a more expensive keyword is a better keyword. Conduct thorough research. You never know, you might unearth a gem! Sometimes niche keywords produce the most lasting results and the more targeted your choice, often the less expensive the bid.

Give your ads a chance

Don’t go chopping and changing your pay per click advertising campaign when you start to panic that you aren’t receiving enough clicks. To establish a true picture of the success of an advert, even if it’s destined to fail, it is essential to give it every chance. By leaving adverts for a good amount of time you will eliminate any element of doubt. Such an advert can then be removed from your future pay per click advertising strategy with certainty.

The top spot is not reserved for the biggest spender

Pay per click advertising can be a great leveller. Do not make the mistake of assuming that by blowing the competition out of the water with a high bid, top spot is guaranteed. Google is far too clever for that. Your bid will be considered alongside the wording of your ad and the quality of your landing page. Keep the standard high or prepare to be usurped!

If you’d rather trust the proven expertise of pay per click advertising specialists, Liberty Marketing’s in-house team benefit from the experience gained whilst managing over 200 campaigns.

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Cher Window

PPC Specialist

Cher has worked for both in-house and agency teams, and has experience in education, social enterprise, beauty, law and conservation. As a part of her current role she enjoys analysing data to predict for the future, increasing campaign relevancy through testing, having the responsibility to organise each step of paid plans, running content on different…

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