Going, Going, Gone: Coronavirus Hand Sanitisers Selling for More than 5000% RRP Online

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Philip Woodward

Training and Consultancy Lead

Our content team analysed products from the UK’s biggest supermarkets and health stores to see how much more own brand hand sanitisers are being sold for on eBay than instore. The results were pretty eye-watering.

The research found that Lidl’s own brand hand sanitiser, Cien Antibacterial Hand Gel (50ml), has the biggest markup. It was being sold for £29.99 – a 5000% increase in comparison to the RRP of 49p.

However, those that are listing Tesco’s own hand sanitisers are still making a 1100% profit. The Tesco Health Antibacterial Hand Gel (50ml) is just 75p in store and is now selling at £9 on eBay. 

Other supermarkets included in the research include Asda with a 2629% increase and Morrisons with a 1400% increase.

We also took a look at health and beauty retailers in our research, and their antibac gels had similarly-extreme price hikes. Savers’ gel had a percentage increase of 2525%, Boots was 1899% more expensive, and Superdrug’s cost 1538% more.

While doing the research on 6th March, we also found that every store bar Superdrug have sold out of these hand sanitisers, with only a few Superdrug stores in the country still having availability.

Stay safe out there.

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Philip Woodward

Training and Consultancy Lead

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