Domain Authority 2.0 is coming!

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Sophie Monks

Senior Social Specialist

The industry standard for measuring the value of a site and the strength of a domain is changing.

Domain Authority, a leading industry tool for insights relative to ranking, and it’s about to change. Moz, leading SEO software providers are leading the charge with a brand spanking new machine-learning model, but have warned to prepare for some fluctuation.

Aware of the disruption a new update may cause to an otherwise relied upon tool, with a month’s advance notice, Moz have pulled out all the stops to ensure a smooth transition from Domain Authority 1 to 2.0.

In a statement, Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz said:

“We recognize that stability plays an important role in making Domain Authority valuable to our customers, so we wanted to make sure that the new Domain Authority brought meaningful changes to the table.”

So whilst good data is essential, exceptional data powers true innovation and growth, and the new foundations of Domain Authority will deliver a better, more trustworthy metric than ever before. In a bid to keep pace with the ever-changing Google algorithm the new score incorporates Spam metrics and link quality patterns to better detect link manipulation and better understand sites that don’t rank for any keywords at all.

“Domain Authority has led the industry for years, but it required a few adjustments to best correspond with advances in the search engines. With this change, we can continue to provide the SEO industry with a leading score to predict ranking potential and show that metric over time accurately”

Says, Sarah.

The improvisation has been built from the ground up, so that we’re able to judge the value of our sites more accurately than before. Whilst fluctuation can be expected, what matters most is that this update not only allows us to make better decisions for our site, but it will also give us a more accurate representation of a site’s ability to rank against others.

And so, the true value of Domain Authority, is how well you rank against your competitors.

When is it happening?

Moz aim to roll out their brand spanking new Domain Authority on March 5th, 2019, and it’s being dubbed the first major update to Domain Authority in years.

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Sophie Monks

Senior Social Specialist

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