Facebook for Business: The New Local Awareness Ads

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Rachel Bloom

Head of Strategy

There have been some big changes in the way Facebook operates recently and the developments continue to roll out. This week the social media giant has announced the release of its brand new local awareness ads for businesses.
Get the lowdown on these new ads and what they could mean for your online marketing campaigns here:

What Are Facebook’s New Local Awareness Ads?

Facebook has revealed that its latest project, local awareness ads, are the ‘best way to reach people when they’re near your business.’
But what makes these new ad campaigns special is the extra capabilities they now hold. These Facebook ads have a ‘Call Now’ button, which means when an ad pops up on your newsfeed, you can phone the company at literally a touch of your finger.
Make reservations, book appointments or simply ring for more information straight from the ad.
These ads are the first of their kind specifically made for small businesses just like yours! And they can be a great way of building brand awareness, increasing sales and boosting your number of customers.

specialextrasThe Special Extras

This new innovation of optimised ads is brilliant but there’s still more to come. These new ads have two call to action buttons: The ‘Call Now’ option and ‘Get Directions’ – where the ad will guide you directly to the business’ location by GPS.

The Benefits of Local Awareness Ads

• Reach the right audience
• Cost effective
• Easy to set up

How to Set Up and Track Local Awareness Ads for Your Business

Setting up these ads couldn’t be easier; you can do it straight from your page. Just set a budget and the area you want to advertise in and Facebook will do the hard work for you.
You can then see the results from your adverts on your page. Navigate to your notifications and here you’ll see the number of people reached in your local area and the number of clicks on the CTAs you have had.

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Log in and start your Facebook local awareness ad campaign today! Or if you would like help and advice on running these campaigns, or any other PPC ads, get in contact with us here at Liberty Marketing. We’re always happy to help. Find out more about our social media agency and our Facebook marketing services.
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Head of Strategy

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