Content | July 31, 2019

How Google Passes Link Juice; Explained with Coffee

We all know one of the best ranking signals in terms of SEO are backlinks. Whilst there’s no concrete understanding of the specifics, there are a number of patents, tests and widely accepted theories in the SEO-universe that attempt to explain them.

Backlink (or link) juice is the value a page passes to another page. It’s the sweet stuff that search engine Google uses to determine page rank, giving more credit to websites that have a series of good quality backlinks. Good quality backlinks are usually links to a page from an authoritative site, one that is closely linked with a trusted seed set (for example .gov sites), that is topically relevant and doesn’t link to spam.

But in recent years, what denotes a “good quality backlink” has changed, and like ‘short’ and ‘tall’ coffees the quality of links aren’t equal. Our coffee fuelled infographic will shed light on the powerful backlinks and expose the weak for even better link building.

Some of our list have been confirmed by Google, others patented, but please note these rules are not set in stone. If anything, they’re attributes that interplay with one another; with the combination of two outweighing one, etc.

google's valuation of links infographic
Link Valuation Infographic created in-house by Liberty Marketing

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