eCommerce | October 22, 2014

How to Create a Winning Product Page for Your eCommerce Site

The saying that ‘a product sells itself’ isn’t always true, however great an item it is. A winning product page on your eCommerce site is a sure-fire way to improve sales though. So how do you create a cracking product level page that converts?

Write unique product descriptions

There is nothing Google hates more than duplicate content, so if you want to make your product pages rank in results pages, ditch the manufacturer descriptions and hire a copywriter to create unique product descriptions that appeal to your target customer. Copy and paste is not your friend when it comes to writing a website.

Clear and quality photos

Although a picture speaks a thousand words, a picture alone will not sell a product. Simple things like product size and material are need to know info you can’t always tell from an image alone.
A great product picture builds customer confidence in a brand as they can clearly see what they are buying. Photos from multiple angles and a zoom option are essential eCommerce techniques. And if you can picture a person with the item, this is a great way to show size of scale.

Keep it simple, stupid

When writing product descriptions it is important to keep copy short and to the point. You want to highlight the product’s benefits but not go over-the-top with adjectives. Let the customer make their own mind up about how brilliant a product is.
Instead of bragging about how brilliant a product is, state how it can help the customer. For example, a lightweight, waterproof coat would be perfect for a day out when the weather is unpredictable: and a blender doesn’t just cut up food, it helps you to make smoothies and lose weight. Sell the lifestyle, as well as the product.
When writing avoid jargon, and don’t use 5 words where you can use 1. Lists work great on product pages! Avoid lengthy paragraphs as these can be off-putting.

Search Engine Optimise

Optimising your product page copy for SEO is a simple way of helping more potential customers find your site. Do some keyword research and use relevant terms within your descriptions. Don’t stuff them in though as this will look spammy, and end up causing your site to be penalised. Find out how our ecommerce SEO services can help you today.

Social proof

The opinions of others will affect your sales, whether you like to admit it or not. So positive testimonials or reviews from previous customers may be helpful additions to your product pages; include product tweets and details on the numbers sold.

Call to Action!

Turn shoppers who browse into customers that buy, by clearly displaying call to action buttons, such as ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Proceed to Checkout’. You may have URLs at the bottom of a product description, but these can easily get hidden amongst a paragraph. The more visible a call to action is, the lower your bounce rate is likely to be.

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