Get Set For Easter: How to Hatch the Perfect Easter Marketing Campaign

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Sophie Monks

Senior Social Specialist

Christmas didn’t seem that long ago, did it?

Suddenly, it’s April, our New Year’s Resolutions have long been abandoned, and now the second-best marketing opportunity of the year is here: Easter.
With time off work, goodwill being spread, tummies full of chocolate, and money to spend, websites and businesses can see a massive influx of traffic. Easter, though, is only a week away, so follow our checklist below and get working to bring your PPC and SEO strategies up to scratch. If you want to make a marketing omelette, you’ve got to crack some SEO and PPC eggs.

Plan, plan, plan

Last-minute plans can feel exhilarating at the time, but planning your marketing campaign for such a key period requires some thought and reflection. Setting out what your plans, goals, budget and whether Easter really affects your business should be done first. After that, you can then get into the detail of PPC and SEO planning.

PPC Checklist

Iron out Any Google Shopping Feed Issues

Take time before Easter kicks off to iron out any issues with your Google Shopping feed. Fix any errors before the shopping really kicks in; the last thing you want is a barely-functional feed losing customers.

Kick Your Feet up with Automated Ads

If your business is closed over the Easter period and you’re worried about pausing and restarting ads, Liberty’s PPC team recommends setting up automated ads. An automated ad dynamically generates, and targets ads based on your website content. By utilising AdWords scripts, you can kick your feet up over the Easter weekend with the knowledge that your PPC campaigns are taking care of themselves. After all, next weekend, you’ve got more important things on your mind (like chocolate).

Promo Extensions and Countdowns

Fancy sprucing up your Easter deals? Promo extensions and countdowns are a great way to do that. Promo extensions diversify your ad copy to promote products around special events, tapping into a user’s FOMO. Countdowns in particular are a FOMO quick win, placing onus on the user and increasing the probability of conversion. Setting up the extension is an easy way to improve your PPC ads, proven to drive CTR’s and engagement while cutting down on maintenance and writing time.

Flash the Cash

Increasing your PPC budget for this period is worth the risk. Holiday goodwill equates to more conversions, so any increase in budget will see extra money recouped easily. The last thing you want is to go into the Easter period with a negative attitude, so get positive with your PPC.

SEO Checklist

Keep an Eye on Google My Business

If you’re a local business, make sure your opening and closing times are accurate over the Easter weekend. Keeping it updated is easy, plus it’s always good to be transparent with opening times to remain professional.

eCommerce Maintenance

If you’re an eCommerce business and are pushing for a big Easter promotion, make sure you have someone on hand to check in on your site periodically. Checking in over the weekend to see if everything is running smoothly can be a huge money-maker. There’s nothing worse than missing out on business due to simple bugs or problems.

Analyse the SERPs

Since Google operates on intent, the SERP’s changes with the seasons quite dramatically. Freshening up your SERP analysis can let you know what sort of product pages and content Google is favouring; allowing you to adapt content around this research.

Seasonal Keyword Research

Performing some keyword research for relevant Easter terms can give your site a good seasonal boost. After performing some keyword research, you can alter your copy and PPC strategy around these seasonal search terms. If you know certain products spike in sales around this time of year, performing keyword research and interweaving these terms into specific pages can see a considerable rise in organic traffic.

Get Decorating

In terms of the user journey, adding images and sprucing up the Easter theme on your website can help with customer retention. Updating in accordance to the seasons makes sites immediately appear modern and updated, while allowing you to integrate seasonal deals into your site seamlessly. Just adding a touch of decoration to your landing pages, you can instantly make it appear more relevant.

Keep Content Up to Date

Giving your content a good seasonal refresh is highly recommended. Planning out a small, seasonal content calendar can give your socials and blog a good boost, especially if you can latch on to any Easter trends. A spike in organic traffic is always going to benefit you in the long run, so running with Easter trends is recommended.

Don’t Obsess Over Traffic and Get Promotions Out Early

Ensure your customers are aware in advance that a promotion is coming, but don’t be disheartened if your pre-Easter figures take a dip – it’s very common for people to wait until the sale to purchase. Instead of obsessing over traffic early on in promotions, stay focused.

By following this checklist, you can ensure your business stays competitive during this busy period. While you may harbour no ambitions to go for broke during Easter, many of your competitors will be. As we’ve shown, making a few alterations, updates, and spending a little bit of time planning can go a long way.

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Sophie Monks

Senior Social Specialist

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