How to Increase Conversions While Keeping Costs Down

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Sophie Monks

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You have to speculate to accumulate, but everyone’s aim is to make maximum profits with minimum spend, right?

A great return on investment is a priority, so mastering your advertising is essential. Here our PPC Specialist, Luke Ali, shares his top tips on how to increase conversions and market share while keeping costs down.

How Can Your AdWords Quality Score Save You Money?

Okay, so you want to spend less and make more. To do this, you need to be clever with how you spend your budget and if you’re not already optimising your quality score, then this could certainly help. How?

Well, Google doesn’t just rely on bids to determine what position you appear in – it’s not a pay to play. Google also takes into account user behaviour to determine how much advertisers pay.

Your Quality Score is Determined by Three Components:

1. Expected CTR – Is your ad getting as many clicks as it should be, relative to the ads above or below it? If not, it’s a signal to Google that there might be something fishy with your ad that its algorithm didn’t pick up.

2. Ad Relevance – Is the text in your ad relevant to what the user has searched for, and does the name of the product or service contained in the search term appear in your ad?

3. Landing Page Experience – What use is paying to acquire new customers if you’re unable to service them on your site? Google will take things like bounce rate and website content into account to ascertain whether you’re sending customers to the right page. Technical performance such as mobile responsiveness and page load speed will also have a big impact here.

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How to Optimise Your Quality Score and Save Money

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The best way to advertise your quality score is to look at it at ad group level – here you should have keywords tightly grouped based on their theme and search intent. These groups will ensure relevancy between the search query and the ad – point 2, check!

We’d recommend beginning with the easiest component to fix – ‘ad relevance’. Simple tweaks to ad copy or display URLS can have a HUGE impact, so write copy that is tailored to your keywords.

Your expected click-through-rate can be improved by the utilisation of ad extensions as the more real estate that is taken up on the results page the better, but also remember to use extensions to add value to your or your clients proposition.

Lastly, landing pages can be tricky, but try sending a user further up the funnel to a page with more content. This can increase dwell-times and the extra content could assist the relevance to the search term.

Once you’ve made your optimisations, review your quality score regularly and make further tweaks where you feel necessary.

Need Some Help?

Of course, the above are just a few simple ways to increase click-throughs while maintaining your budget. To find out more, speak to our specialist PPC team.

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Senior Social Specialist

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