Our Favourite Podcasts: Libertines Share What They’re Listening To

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Sophie Monks

Senior Social Specialist

Most people listen to music while they work, however, us intellectuals must be stimulated by intelligent conversations at all times.

I’m kidding, by the way.

Podcasts are engaging, fun and pretty terrifying if you like your true crime like me.

If you’re looking for recommendations, here’s what we listen to.

Adam Stonehouse, SEO Specialist



“A docudrama styled podcast where an oblivious yet somewhat capable journalist blunders his way into an ancient myth, while trying to regain a sense of mystery that he feels has been lost with the abundance of information we now receive through our numerous devices.

Between the host Nick and Meerkatnip (or MK), they set about trying to untangle the knots of information surrounding the myth of Tanis. It has cults, psychedelic drugs, hypnotic regression therapy, and internet sleuthing and secret corporate agendas at its heart.

Alice Isn’t Dead

“A woman sets about trying to find her missing wife, by taking a job as a truck driver for Bay & Creek, a logistics company making deliveries nationwide.

Her only leads are glimpses she has caught of her wife appearing in the background on news broadcasts and publications.

All the time she is being tracked by another group known only as “The Thistle Men”. The descriptions of the scenes and people are enough to stand your hair on end.

It has action, horror and surrealist themes. In addition, the narrator (Keisha played by Jasika Nicole) has a perfect mix of sarcastic pessimism in her observations concerning the modern world.”

David Wilkinson, Senior PPC Specialist


The Art of Wrestling

“This was the first podcast I ever listened to, and it’s still amazing today. It has everything you need from a podcast, it’s funny, informative and has a great host with an array of interesting guests.

I also saw it live in Cardiff a few years ago! Here’s a picture of me with the host Colt Cabana.”


Paul Hunter, Marketing Manager



“I absolutely loved the books and the podcasts are just as interesting. The topics are pretty varied, but they do shed light on interesting projects and people from around the world.

This podcast (the rude title has been redacted for professionalism purposes) is especially relevant to what we as an SEO & PPC agency do and takes an interesting angle of looking at search data from an economical and sociological perspective.”

Revisionist History

“Again, I’m a massive fan of Malcolm Gladwell’s books. His revisionist history series looks at overlooked pieces of history and dissects them to discover some important findings and meanings.

This podcast about the interviewing of captured soldiers in the Vietnam War investigates how bias in interviews can have serious effects on decision making and outcomes.”

Jenna Loman, Account Manager



“Serial is the gateway podcast to a wonderful world of podcasting. The narrator Sarah Koenig has the most engaging tone and knows exactly how to tell a story that gets you tuning in every week.

Season one follows the tale of Adnan, a teenager who was convicted of his girlfriend’s murder. Serial takes a look at each aspect of the case, inspecting every element and talking to Adnan himself.

What I love is that it doesn’t frame the narrative in either way, it lets you have your suspicions and explores every options. It’s a definite must listen.”

Phil Woodward, Digital Content Manager


Guardian Football Weekly

“A suitably nerdy podcast for chin-strokey, self-important and pun-loving football fans such as myself. I recently realised that I’ve been regularly listening to this for more than 10 years which makes me feel inescapably ancient.”


The Adam Buxton Podcast

“I also have a lorra lorra love for The Adam Buxton Podcast. Buckles (one half of Adam and Joe) is a lully lully good boy, and interviews someone interesting every week on his ramblechats.

 He’s got impeccable music taste, is prone to the odd cry, knows his way around a catchy jingle and has a delightfully grumpy sheepdog called Rosie. If you don’t like Buckles then maybe you shouldn’t be living here.

Sophie Harris, Creative Content Executive


Generation Why

“I’m deathly afraid of the dark, so naturally a podcast based upon true crime and serial killer psyche is a perfect fit.

Generation Why analyses every aspect of a true crime case, from discrepancies to motive, theories to police interference. It always forces me to rethink my initial stance on the case, and the hosts, Aaron and Justin are excellent storytellers.”

This American Life

“This American Life is the ultimate discussion podcast. It takes what’s happening in the world, or mostly America, and analyses it right to the core.

It doesn’t just stick to what’s in the news however, it mixes things up with discussions on who we are as human beings.

The things that make up who we are and what we do, psychology, sociology, religion, you name it, it’s discussed.”

Reshma Manwani Vadgama, Account Manager


The Lively Show

“It’s basically like a blog but in podcast form. It’s lively, easy to listen to, and perfect as a background noise for when my brain is juggling numerous tasks!”

The Fizzle Show

“This is such an informative podcast, business is obviously a large part of my life and this podcast explores that, but without making it boring and dry.

It has interesting guests, hot topics and above all, I can learn a lot from it!”

Chris Findon, SEO Specialist



“This podcast is such an emotional rollercoaster. It’s filled with twists and turns that you just don’t see coming.

It’s produced by the guys behind Serial and This American Life so, as you can imagine, it’s engaging, and has excellent story telling.”

Song Exploder

If you love music then this podcast is right up your street. Artists from all over the world, and every genre imaginable come on the show to discuss and digest their songs.

It’s so interesting to see it broken down from the artist themselves, they often give such an interesting take on what they’ve written. Plus it’s a great way to find new bands and singers to love too.”

Rachel Bloom, Digital Retail Strategist


Glamour’s Hey! It’s Ok

“The narrator, Jo Elvin is wonderfully witty and engaging. She and the array of celebrity guests discuss such a wide range of different topics that it’s impossible not to feel as though they’re talking about your own life.

I love that you can so easily relate to the subjects on debate, and it so often leads to discussions in the office too, it’s a great conversation starter.”

Kristina Salmane, Digital PR & Social Media Specialist


Build Your Tribe

“This such a great podcast for business tips! It has a series of bite sized chunks all analysed and broken down so that it’s easy to understand, and you end up retaining so much more information because of it.”

Barbell Shrugged

“CrossFit podcast featuring interviews with PhDs in fitness industry, and CrossFit professionals. All of their advice is scientifically based, not a fad promoted on some of the glossy magazines.”

There you have it! Those are our top class recommendations.

As you can probably tell, not everyone here listens to podcasts, and I’m sure we can agree that they need to get their lives together.


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Sophie Monks

Senior Social Specialist

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