Liberty Digital Detox Day Three: How’s it Going?

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Sophie Monks

Senior Social Specialist

How are Liberty’s brave detoxers getting on after three long days without internet, mobile phones or social media?

Let’s find out!

Hello Rosella


So, a digital detox eh? Is it everything you’ve dreamed of?

So-so. My mind feels crystal clear, my attention span is improving and getting to sleep is a breeze. It’s a little isolating, refreshing and bizarre in equal measure.

Have you noticed your habits changing?

I am finding myself uncharacteristically productive without the internet. On Monday I organised the fridge, just for ‘fun’ and instead of scrolling the FB newsfeed before drifting off, I practiced drawing English Sheepdogs.

Are you nervous about a digital-free weekend?

I’m slightly apprehensive about navigating London without my trusty TubeMap app. Directions aren’t my forte. Plus, whenever I go away I like to scope out the best places to eat and things to do – that’s virtually impossible without the internet. Also also also, not being able to Shazam songs heard out and about is vexing for a music habitue.

Hello Philip



Are you regretting your crazy crusade yet?

Not yet. I mean, we’re more than 20% of the way to our JustGiving target. And it’s not been ‘too’ bad yet.

What have you missed so far?

I generally feel detached from the world. It’s weird not knowing what’s
happening in football (I thought it was a wind up when Sam told me today that Gary Neville was the new Valencia Manager), or whether there’s a new fluffy mongrel taking the internet by storm.

Have you noticed your
habits changing?

Yeah. I’m sleeping more, cos it’s easier to fall asleep in
front of a book than a bright screen. Which I guess is good. 

And instead of binge-watching The West Wing on Netflix I’m also finding myself watching Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain during
early-morning babytending
, because of the previously-mentioned
detachment. That can only be bad. 

Hello Siobhan


So, it’s been three days without the internet. Do you feel liberated?

Yes, yes, one million times yes! The phantom phone grabbing’s petering out to a manageable level and I can now get out of bed without thrice checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This morning I had time to put the bins out AND put a wash on. Life-changing stuff.

What have you missed so far?

ASOS. I hate shopping IRL. Stylish shop ladies, starkly-lit changing rooms, the general public at this time of year; I get serious palps just thinking about them.

What digital challenges are you likely to encounter in the next few days? 


I’m in the middle of buying a house, so have left all that faff to my husband. Poor fella’s about as proactive as a gravy-sodden sprout so I’ll have to get my nag on. He’ll love that, I’m sure.

Oh, and I’m on the telly on the 7th. I’d quite like to follow the hashtag on Twitter, you know, to pick fights with people who call me a t*@t.

Hello Carys


Have you found yourself in mortal danger in the last three days as a result of giving up the internet?


Nope, I’m planning on a darkness run tonight though. Eek! So maybe tomorrow I will have a story or two for you!

Lord knows I could do with a bit of excitement and I’m sure it’ll make the blog more interesting.

Are you missing your phone?

I wouldn’t say I’m distraught! I have gone to grab it from time to time without thinking and then realise it’s not next to me.
I’m sure this is a positive, but it has definitely made me more productive in work! I enjoy my breaks less though!

Are you happier, sadder or the same without the internet?

Definitely sadder – already I’ve realised how much I like to chat and giggle with friends and family throughout the day, so I feel more lonely and maybe a little more isolated from the fun.
When I’m keeping busy with my working out and stuff I wouldn’t have it on me anyways, so when I’m interacting with my fit buddies in the evening I barely notice it.

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Senior Social Specialist

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