SEO | November 20, 2019

Local Product Feeds; in Google BETA

Local product feeds allow you to promote products and services available at your physical locations. Giving consumers the ability to explore a curated selection of the products your store carries in a visual, catalog-like experience.

As this is so new to the industry and to us as a digital marketing agency we knew we had to try it with one of our clients.

The products section of Google My Business (GMB) is still in Beta (see example below) and isn’t being widely used by businesses. The likelihood is that the option isn’t available to every retailer yet, but it’s definitely something worth keeping your eyes out for.

Please note: this is solely an example. This product does not exist.

At the moment, we’re finding that inputting products and categories across multiple locations is very time-consuming. We hope that when Google is ready to make a full rollout there will be an option to make this a lot simpler. Perhaps by being able to choose already uploaded products and categories to other location(s).

The benefits of doing this were unclear from the start due to it being so new, and we’re still investigating the pros and cons of using this feature.

However, we hoped to see users clicking on the products and viewing other areas of the site but we didn’t anticipate to see such a quick return on investment. Within a couple of weeks, we have seen an eCommerce conversion rate of 7.5% and revenue above £500.

Other results are equally promising, I recommend watching this space, checking out our local SEO tips or you can read more about our expert local SEO agency today! or find out more about our ecommerce SEO agency.

We’re proud to be an official Premier Google Partner.