Liberty News | August 2, 2016

The new Liberty – like the old Liberty, but sexier…AND MORE MODEST

Welcome to the brand new Liberty site! You may have noticed that weve had a bit of a facelift, so heres a bit about it:

Our Evolution

Liberty has now been around for 8 years. In that time weve gone from a bedroom startup to becoming the biggest digital marketing agency in Wales. Weve won bags of awards, spoken at countless conferences and were recently named as one of the UK’s Top 30 Google Growth Partner Agencies.

Were extremely proud to not only be the stand-out digital marketing agency in Wales, but also  one of the top agencies in the whole of the UK. Brands such as Benefit Cosmetics, Pizza Express and Welsh Government trust Liberty to deliver results day in day out.


Were incredibly excited about the work that is done at Liberty and pride ourselves on being creative, honest and truly innovative.

Our clients will always be our number one focus, but we’ve realised that we had somewhat neglected ourselves in recent years. Weve changed quite a bit of late, and we found that our old brand didnt look or feel like usanymore.

So, with our friends at Celf Creative, we set about creating a better looking Liberty that truly reflected who we are.

The Process of Rebranding – What Liberty Means To Us

In order to come up with a brand that was reflective of who Liberty is, we had to strip back to our DNA and work out ‘what does Liberty mean to us?’

Liberty definition

For us, Liberty means the freedom to explore ideas, push boundaries and not be afraid to be different. This freedom to be confident breeds creativity and true innovation.

We referenced this when updating our  brand values, which say we are:

    • cutting-edge
    • award-winning
    • specialist
    • ethical
    • fair
    • transparent
    • honest
    • passionate
    • independent
  • bold

So now, all we had to do was to reflect that in our branding, imagery and tone of voice. Easy, right!?

The Logo

We didnt want to look completely different, so the logo has evolved rather than undergo a drastic change. The previous logo was crammed together, but the letters are now spaced further apart. This signifies the sense of freedom.

The new logo font has also lost the serif, making the logo appear more contemporary, and the soft, friendly letter forms are friendly and personal. Retaining the lower case Lhelps retain our identity.

Old v New Logo

The Design

New bespoke drawings and animations have been added throughout the site, which help communicate our messages and tone. The work (and play!) culture we have at Liberty is something were proud of.

So weve added a lot more photos of the team and office antics for you to have a gander at.


While some of us are at home buried deep in analytics and spreadsheets, that doesnt mean were a shy bunch. Also, who in real life says the word synergy!? We dont like to play buzzword bingo… and neither do our clients.

So weve made sure to communicate our messages to you like a real person would and hopefully make you smile in the process.

So that’s us

Weve lost a bit of weight, put on our best outfit and we think we look pretty darn good. Have a browse around the site and let us know what you think – tweet us @_libertydigital

We’re proud to be an official Premier Google Partner.