Liberty News | November 28, 2011

Our book on Pay Per Click advertising and Google AdWords now free to download

Earlier in the year, Gareth was approached by an online publisher to write a book on Pay Per Click advertising. Bookboon publishes short textbooks for students, professionals and business owners to download from their site.

They mentioned that there is a demand for easy to understand books in the world of online marketing and they wanted a title on Pay Per Click and Google AdWords. They needed a new book where the advice would fall somewhere between an introduction to the topic and a step-by-step guide for those new to search engine advertising.

A few month and 15000 words later, Gareth had written the book. Chris, who heads up the Liberty Pay Per Click team (and knows Google AdWords and Analytics inside and out), contributed on some chapters and made sure the book was up-to-date following the numerous AdWords changes.

If you want to learn about Pay Per Click advertising, in particular Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, then you candownload your copy of How Google Changed Advertising and How to Master AdWords here.

We’re proud to be an official Premier Google Partner.