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Platinum Jubilee: The Most Searched Royal Questions

With the Queen celebrating her platinum jubilee as she surpasses 70 years of service this June, it seems many of us have decided it is time to brush up on our knowledge of the Royal family ahead of all the festivities. Afterall, this historic date does place the Queen firmly as the longest serving British monarch of all time, which itself is cause for celebration.

To help you brush up on your Mountbatten-Windsor knowledge, we have collated the top 5 most searched for questions around the most popular members of the royal family, providing you with all the information you need at this joyous time.

How Old is The Royal Family?

First thing’s first, the most searched for question around the five most popular members of the royal family all revolve around their age. Combined, these questions result in 137,800 searches a month, with the Queen herself topping the list.

How Old Is The Queen?

Queen Elizabeth II was born on the 21st April 1926 in London to her parents King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother). This makes her 95 years old and the fifth oldest member of the British royal family to have ever lived.

How Old Is Prince William?

Prince William was born on the 21st of June 1982 at St Mary’s Hospital in London, making him 39 years old. He will turn 40 just a few weeks after the Platinum Jubilee.

How Old Is Kate Middleton?

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is 40 years old having been born on the 9th of January 1982.

How Old Is Prince Harry?

Born two years after his older brother, Prince Harry is currently 37 years old with his birth date being the 15th of September 1984.

How Old Is Prince Charles?

Prince Charles was born on the 14th of November 1948, which makes him 73 years old.

What Happens When The Queen Dies?

Monthly Searches: 12,100

On a darker note, the second most asked question about the Royal family is around what happens when the Queen dies.

This is of course a valid concern, as her death triggers a subsequent chain of events before the public even hears about it under a process called ‘Operation London Bridge’. Upon her death, the Queen’s son Prince Charles will immediately assume the role of king, with the rest of the family being the very first in the world to know.

When it comes to the public, the Queen’s private secretary will be tasked with conveying the news. Their first point of contact would be the Prime Minister, relaying the announcement to civil servants over a secure telephone line via the phrase “London Bridge is down”.

After this, the cabinet secretary will also be informed, who then has the responsibility of informing government ministers and further civil servants. After this, locations within the Commonwealth will be informed via The Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Global Response Centre. Once all of this has been completed, government websites and social media activity will cease in preparation of a public announcement of the Queen’s passing.

The BBC will be tasked with informing the public of the news, which will be carried out through an emergency Radio Alert Transmission System. On television, BBC Two will swap its transmission over to BBC One, of which will begin broadcasting a series of portraits of the Queen, alongside a pre-recorded obituary.

How Much is The Queen Worth?

Monthly Searches: 3,600

Every year, the royal family publishes its annual finances. This is made available for the public to see, giving all of us insight as to the net worth of The Queen.

The Queen is paid via an annual lump sum from the government entitled the Sovereign Grant. As of the most recent report that was published in June 2021, this sum came out as £86.3m. The Sovereign Grant covers almost all aspects of the Queen’s life and is split among other members of the royal family to help with travel expenses and assisting with royal duties.

It is quite difficult to pinpoint an exact number on the Queen’s net worth. However, multiple sources report it to be somewhere in the £600m region. This is made up of various trusts and royal properties that generate even more annual income for the royal family.

Who Is Prince Harry’s Father?

This subject received a resurgence in debate around late 2020 when Princess Diana’s former lover addressed rumours around him supposedly being Prince Harry’s father.

The rumours stemmed from the late Princess of Wales’ affair with former British cavalry officer James Hewitt, with public scepticism raising the question.

Since then, James Hewitt has been shown to dispel the rumour, confirming that Prince Charles is in fact Prince Harry’s father.

How Tall is Prince William?

Monthly Searches: 2,400

With 2,400 searches every month, it seems that a significant amount of us are interested in the height of future king, Prince William.

Prince William is 6’2”, officially making him the tallest member of the royal family.

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