Liberty News | May 3, 2017

We Talked Targeting at Meet Market

We’re extremely proud to have partnered with CIM Wales, Rockadove and Yolk Recruitment in order to relaunch Meet:Market.

Our first event took place at Yolk’s offices where we had Google talking about the future of digital, alongside our very on Luke delivering a talk on Advanced AdWords.

Here’s a rundown of what exactly went on at at the first Meet: Market.

Google Gave Some Predictions


Digital trends have been changing rather rapidly over the past decade, and so James from Google gave us an insight into what he predicts will be big in 2017.

On top of this, he filled us in on the exciting tech that may be making an appearance in the near future, from balloon powered internet to WiFi infused contact lenses that may help conquer diabetes, it’s fair to say it was an eye opener (sorry).

Alongside this, there was also some discussion on how digital marketing has thrived on the uncertainty compounded by Brexit, and how it continues to grow in spite of the shaky economic climate.

Luke Loves His AdWords


Our very own Libertine Luke gave an exciting talk on highly targeted Advanced AdWords Audiences, or more importantly, how you would go about selling beer online.

It all came down to how to attract, retain and excite customers through the magic of digital marketing. If you’d like to see what Luke talked about, then you can access his slides here.

Until Next Time

After having an amazing time presenting our ideas and insights into the world of digital marketing, we’re all very excited for the next Meet:Market and what new insights will be brought to the table.

Until then, if you have any ideas or feedback on the sessions, drop us a tweet at @_libertydigital

We’re proud to be an official Premier Google Partner.