The Best Twitter Fights of All Time

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Stephanie Williams

Content Team Manager

From global pop stars to footballers and all the Z-listed celebrities in between, Twitter has become the modern day social platform for a good old fashioned slanging match. Using the instant message platform to their advantage, insults can be published immediately, reaching all corners of the globe and with the potential to be seen by millions.

In amongst the insults are some comedy battles, with some of the more memorable involving a One Direction member and a national rugby player, another One Direction member and national paper British GQ and just about anyone who has ever been on Big Brother from 2006.

Originally, Twitter was created with the purpose of sending short text message-style ‘tweets’ on a platform, to be seen by potentially the world. Creator Dorsey imagined his site would be used to send “Short bursts of inconsequential information”– however eight years on and Twitter has become a battle ground for the disgruntled among the celeb world. Some of the best battles so far have been:

Katie Hopkins vs. Everyone

Once given the weekly air-time on our televisions as a competitor on The Apprentice, Katie Hopkins quickly became famous for sharing her highly controversial and mostly absurd personal opinions on everything; from children’s names and parenting styles to calling everyone from Lily Allen to X Factor winner Sam Bailey “Fat and pretty hideous.” A classic example of using Twitter’s instant publishing qualities to insult and offend, forgetting her manners and behaving childishly in the social media school-yard.

Lord Alan Sugar vs. Piers Morgan

Lord Sugar doesn’t get away lightly as a regular on the Twitter battle field, coming under fire for his constant battle of words between his arch rival Piers Morgan. There may be an ocean between these two over-grown children, but it doesn’t stop them swapping insults and general petty comments via the social platform. Both parties admit they are really friends, but continue to use Twitter to send mean and petty messages to one another.

Jeremy Clarkson vs. Piers Morgan

It seems Piers Morgan cannot stay away from the instant message platform when it comes to sending tweets with intent, and his next victim was to be Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson. Not one to shy away from an argument,Clarkson tweeted he “cannot wait for the day [Morgan] he goes to prison”, attaching a photo of the business man at the time when the phone hacking scandal was hot topic. Piers and Jeremy exchanged a few nasty tweets calling each other names and generally behaving like bullies.

James Blunt vs. The public

Poor James Blunt is a regular on the Twitter battle-field, facing a barrage of abuse daily, but with a cool twist of sheer brilliance, he shares the abusive messages – along with his excellent witty replies – with everyone on Twitter. Receiving private and direct tweets, Blunt then retweets and mentions the abusers, taking away the venom immediately and shaming them very publically: “Thanks for asking. RT “Does anyone still care about James Blunt?” James Blunt-1, nasty public- 0.

As social media platforms become our main form of communication in the 21st century, perhaps we should all think twice before posting that offensive or rude message for the world to see, it will probably go a lot further than you think.

From a business perspective, it is better to remain professional and polite (checkout our Twitter tips for business) – even on your personal account – as you never know who will be reading your tweets! Our social media marketing agency and Twitter marketing services will help you ensure you stay clear or fights and do twitter just right. There’s also our blog on how to ensure you’re not libellous on Twitter to get even more information on what not to do.

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Stephanie Williams

Content Team Manager

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