Liberty News | June 5, 2015

The SEO Way to Change Your Website: A Figaro Digital Presentation

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a presentation on this blog from one of our wonderful staff, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy presenting and imparting our knowledge on digital marketing professionals of the world.
In fact, Richard spoke at a Figaro Digital event this week. Get the details (and his presentation) below.

Figaro Digital’s Search Seminar – 4th June 2015

Rich, a Digital Marketing Consultant here at Liberty, is now a regular speaker at SEO and digital marketing educational events across the country. He has previously been nicknamed the Digital Dynamo – thanks to his mad skills of presenting while completing a Rubik’s cube – but this baby-faced expert knows this industry inside out.
So what was this talk all about? Well, thanks to the ever-changing digital landscape many businesses update their website on an annual basis. Rich states the importance of keeping SEO in mind when doing so. SEO should be considered alongside a redesign or switch in platforms, not as an afterthought; this will save you a lot of money compared to trying to undo the damage.
If you’d like to watch a video of Richard’s presentation, navigate to the Figaro website. Here you can also view talks from all others who spoke on the day.

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Check out another Figaro presentation, Ben, one of our Senior Digital Account Coordinators, did a few months back too. This short presentation will teach you where you should focus your SEO efforts this year.
Or to learn more about SEO and any of the points raised in Rich’s talk, read through our other blog posts or tweet us your questions to @_libertydigital.

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