Three SEO Tools to Make Your Job Easier

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Ethan Davies

Marketing Coordinator for Liberty Marketing Group

When it comes to SEO everyone and their dog is trying to sell you thousands of different tools to help improve the way you do it. You can find everything from the black hat backlink generators to webmaster tools straight from Google. But what tools should you actually invest your time in?
Let’s keep it as simple as possible, here are the only SEO tools you really need:

Screaming Frog

Having a great crawl tool in your repertoire will come in handy, especially when you are working on large websites. Screaming Frog helps to provide you with a complete site audit, allowing you to look at various components from every page on the website. You can even add in your own custom variables, which can be extremely useful if some pages are performing better than others.
Instead of having to sit there and find the metas, canonical tags, page titles etc. on every page, Screaming Frog does all the tedious work for you. Any SEO errors will be flagged up, allowing you to go back through the data and make the required changes.
In addition to this, you will gain a full report on your internal links and site content, showing you where your site is strong and any potential issues.

Google Analytics

Without some form of Analytics, every SEO would be completely lost. How would you be able to tell if you’ve had an increase in traffic? Everything would become guess work and you’d have a very hard time convincing your clients to stay on board. There are many different SEO analytics programmes, but Google’s free system offers a fantastic range of capabilities.
Google Analytics allows you to see not only how many visitors you get every day, but where they come from, what pages they arrived on and the way they navigated your website. You can even set it up to show you whether or not they bought anything from your website. The abilities of this platform are huge, and they just continue to grow.

Majestic SEO

If you’re not already using Majestic then where have you been? As an SEO you need to know what websites are linking to you, as well as what your competition is doing. Majestic SEO is brilliant for finding new links and discovering relevant influencers.
One of the most important tools is Site Explorer. Using this tool you can find all the information you need from a domain including how many domains are referring to it, a complete backlink breakdown and an anchor text map.
Majestic has several other tricks under its belt including:
• Search Explorer
• Keyword Checker
• Backlink History
• Majestic Million
• Neighbourhood Checker
• Standard and Advanced Reports
• URL Submitter
Majestic SEO is the Swiss army knife of SEO tools, it comes in one neat package, but has the capabilities to do most tasks. When combined with Google Analytics and Screaming Frog you really do have the complete toolset you need to properly execute a high quality SEO campaign for all your clients.

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Ethan Davies

Marketing Coordinator for Liberty Marketing Group

Ethan started off his marketing journey in the third-sector. Working in-house as a Marketing Executive, across all digital marketing channels. He later moved into the private sector, again working across different digital marketing channels to help a range of businesses with their marketing strategies. Currently, Ethan is managing the marketing efforts of the Liberty marketing…

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