Tools to uncover your audience’s digital behaviour changes since lockdown

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Sophie Monks

Senior Social Specialist

His talk introduced marketers to a variety of new data sources and introduced many tools to help them look into their own situations and to get ahead. 

The comprehensive list can be found below:


Google Analytics

Whilst the vast majority of marketers are using this anyway in their day to day, during the pandemic we’ve paid particular attention to:

Google Ads

As well as being able to provide further insight into behaviour such as devices, time of day and search volumes, Google Ads has provided fantastic insight in competitor activity. Auction Insights can give a good idea into the activity of what competitors are doing with their budgets.

SEO Monitor Trends

This tool has provided some great insight into how search demand has altered for specific keywords and topics each month of the pandemic. Search volumes are compared YoY for an easy analysis. 

Google Trends

With search volume being a historical metric (and SEO Monitor taking a week or so to collate monthly volumes) Google Trends provides great data on growth or decline of search trends. The ability to break down search trends by the hour, it can give you some useful information in a volatile market.

Data Sets/Sources. 

Global Web Index (GWI)

This platform is a market research SaaS company that provides audience insight to publishers, media agencies and marketers around the world. Throughout the pandemic they have surveyed people around the world to understand their behavioural and attitudinal shifts. Much of this data can be accessed in reports and articles here.


Similar to GWI, YouGov is a survey platform used by many brands to help inform marketing activity. They have also been surveying peoples attitudes and behaviours throughout the pandemic. Their coronavirus hub can be found here.

Brand Watch

Brandwatch is a digital consumer intelligence company that tracks how people talk about brands online, it boasts a data library of 1.4 trillion conversations.

Whilst they have made their data less accessible than some other data platforms, some articles in their Covid 19 hub shares some useful insights.

McKinsey – B2B data 

McKinsey & Company is an American management consulting firm, that provides advice on strategic management to corporations, governments and other organizations. The survey we were most interested in was their recently published account of the “UK B2B decision maker response to COVID-19 crisis”. See the results here.


Econsultancy is a well-renowned organisation within the marketing space. They have shared many useful insights during the pandemic, and have a regularly updated “Stats Roundup” which looked at “coronavirus impact on marketing, ecommerce & advertising”.

The webinar:

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Sophie Monks

Senior Social Specialist

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