Why Google Loves a Persona-Led Approach to Content

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Owen Whitcombe

Senior SEO Specialist

Google has made it very obvious that in order to succeed at SEO you need to be producing high quality content that is targeted to your audience. One of the best ways to ensure that you are creating this specialist content is to write for a specific persona.Logically speaking, this makes sense as you are writing for a tailored group of people who will be interested in your products and services, but why does Google love it? I’ll explain:

Google’s Affinity Segments

Hang on, what’s this? In plain and simple terms, Google has created categories that they can use to associate particular interests within, based on the topics and themes from the page’s content as well as third-party companies.

How do they do this?

When you use Google, they give you a cookie ID that will follow your browsing progress and record the category of the sites visited, as well as other information. This information then allows the search engine to provide unique results based on your browsing history as well as other ranking factors.

For example, if the sites a personvisits has mainly female visitors then that person’s cookie is likely to be associated with the female demographic. This information goes even further, matching these visitors with specific websites that are related to their typical browsing categories in order to bring them the most relevant results.

Becoming an authority

Creating content with a specific audience in mind will mean that you will have lots of relevant information they would be interested in. By doing this you are supplying the answers that this persona demands and becoming an authority – this means that you will naturally build up a following, receive relevant backlinks and have a much lower bounce rate than a website who doesn’t target personas.

Hitting the right keywords

One of the best things about generating high quality, targeted content is that you will often unlock keywords that you never knew about. By thinking about the audience in mind and writing information specifically for them, you’ll find that you’re creating lots of relevant longtail keywords to the industry. This can bring a lot more traffic to your website and allow you to rank much higher for less competitive search terms.

Good quality content

I cannot stress how important good quality content is and nowadays Google is looking more and more into each piece you write to determine how unique it is and it even looks into relevancy. By having a target audience in mind, the content will naturally form itself better and lend your website to much more creative writing.

It is this high quality, regular content that Google will absolutely adore. Furthermore, if every post is within the same category then you will find that the number of returning visitors to your website will drastically increase.

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Owen Whitcombe

Senior SEO Specialist

Owen has worked in primarily Ecommerce since leaving University. Many years spent in the online sports retail arena before gaining experience in the online catering business then becoming digital marketing manager for national toy company before finding his feet in SEO. As a results driven individual Owen loves nothing more than when we can give…

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