Will Robots Be the Future of Digital Marketing?

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Sophie Monks

Senior Social Specialist

The future is coming… and it’s scary. For many of us millennials, we might see a future where our jobs are done fully (and possibly better) by robots.

This time last year the BBC created a very interesting tool on this very idea where you could type in your profession and find out the likelihood that one day you will no longer be needed. When typing marketing in the search tool, it clearly says that my job will be in trouble from robot competition. Click here to see if your job is in danger.

While we all freak out and think what’s next for us simple humans, new smart companies are already taking steps towards automating our daily work.

Here at Liberty we have been experimenting with some of this software, such as Optmyzer and Atlus, and our Senior PPC Specialist, David, shares his thoughts here:

Automation, AI, Robots and More

Both of these are created to help save us time and money, but do they actually work? The simple answer is yes, kind of.

They are clunky and a bit difficult to get used to, but they are in the early stages of development and will only get better. In fact, AdWords itself is starting to experiment with AI for AdWords with “Smart Bidding”.

Google describes this as “advanced machine learning”, with advance settings that read data faster than the average human. While this setting is useful, we as an digital marketing agency still prefer to make the decisions ourselves on how our account is performing and what are the next stages. But, if anything, this service will continue to evolve to the point where perhaps we just tell AdWords our marketing strategy and they complete it.

Another example of this is the rumours that Google is moving away from keyword targeting and focus on more profile targeting. This would make sense with the introduction of more Google based products such as “Google Home” learning all about our habits even when we are not actively searching on our phone.

Combine this with Google powered smart cars and our online activity, and Google will practically know everything we do until we hit our beds. So, in a way, it could create such an accurate profile on us that they would know our next move before we even do.

This all might seem quite Sci-Fi but it is something that people are starting to relaise is happening more and more as advertising and Google get smarter. Just last year, South Park created an episode called ’Sponsored Content’ that hit all these points. They also commented on how it’s increasingly more difficult to know what is an ad and what is not.

Dave’s Final Thoughts…

In my opinion AI is getting smarter every day, but there will be a human element needed to any advertising platform. At least for the next couple of decades!

What do you think the future of digital advertising will be? Let us know by tweeting @_libertydigital with your thoughts – we’d love to hear them! Want to learn more? Read about our wide range of consultancy services and digital marketing services to find out how we can help drive your business forward.

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Sophie Monks

Senior Social Specialist

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