Social Media Graphic Design Specialist

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Unlimited Annual Leave

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About the Role:

As a Social Media Graphic Designer, you will craft visually stunning and engaging content that helps our clients shine on social and online. Your creative designs will define success, captivate audiences, and support innovative digital marketing strategies tailored to achieve our client’s goals. You’ll collaborate closely with teams specialising in SEO, Content, Digital PR and Paid Media, to ensure your designs are part of a cohesive and impactful strategy.

You will be responsible for the visual aspect of our projects, ensuring your designs align with our clients’ branding and strategic objectives. Your work will drive success for both the client and our agency by meeting SMART goals and delivering exceptional value.

Regularly reviewing the performance of your designs, you’ll make necessary adjustments to keep our visual content fresh, effective, and on target.

Our Social Media Graphic Designers excel at demonstrating the impact of their work, walking clients through design concepts and results to help them see the value and ROI of investing in top-notch graphic content. In this role, you may occasionally work from a client’s office or attend off-site meetings to better understand their needs and enhance collaboration.

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