Imagination Technologies aimed to promote ray tracing and position it within the market by helping users to better understand the differences between the solutions available.

The Challenge

Likely our smallest Paid Media brief for some time, Imagination’s ray tracing campaign had a very narrow focus and a limited timeframe.

Our goal was to entice prospective customers to download Imagination’s primer; a whitepaper that promoted ray tracing and its varieties. But with such a narrow focus and therefore a limited target audience, we needed to get creative!

Our Approach

This campaign was special for the level of collaboration with the client. Together, we put together the audience lists based on Imagination’s business priorities, identifying the different types of customer which the product is suitable for, including lists of specific companies they wanted to influence.

We also used third-party platform data to expand targeting beyond the core targeting options available on LinkedIn and the usual website visitors, re-engaging with those who had subscribed to events or webinars in the past.

The Results

The global average CTR for sponsored LinkedIn content is between 0.45% – 0.6%. With selective targeting and lessons learnt via historical data, we achieved a 1.1% click-through rate and brought the cost per lead down to £17 from £40+.

59,493 LinkedIn impressions
-57% cost per lead
+88% more clicks than forecast

We’re proud to be an official Premier Google Partner.