When the pandemic hit, Pure Property Finance soon saw the range of lenders in the market and loans available to clients dry up. They needed continue to acquire leads, but only from those whose financial needs could still be serviced. Supply was changing daily, as was market demand, so we had to come up with a completely new way of identifying audiences and a new bidding strategy to maximise value.

The Challenge

Although supply issues were mounting and changing daily, Pure Property Finance still needed to acquire a minimum number of Marketing Qualified Leads to keep the sales teams active.

Our goals were to generate around 50% of the previous marketing qualified leads during the Covid lockdown, but for 25% of the previous budget, all whilst the client had business supply and demand issues that changed daily and impacted the value of traffic and leads.

Our Approach

The creativity in this case study comes from using real-time business data in ways not thought of before. We worked with the client and some of their lenders to get a true picture of the market and changed the strategy and tactics to reflect it.

The goal was to only show adverts to people that were searching for products available at that moment and, as lender appetite, criteria and rates were changing by the day, we put in place a system that took the pain away from managing this.

We created a lender dashboard and introduced regular huddles with the sales team leaders to speed up comms, and we restructured the account right down to the ad groups to make it easier to quickly turn product types on or off during this period of constant change.

Whilst others were turning off their ads, we used Google Ads to uncover pockets of the market that remained and found the most valuable traffic. We acted as the middleman between those users and the lenders available to them, giving our brokerage client a serious competitive advantage.

I worry about where we’d be today without your quick thinking, creativity, and commercial awareness. Krystal Jevons Operations Director

The Results

Pure Property Finance asked if they should pause PPC during the lockdown. We knew we could make it work harder, albeit for a fraction of the budget, and we knew that if we applied a different way of thinking we could hit their goals, and thanks to the strong relationship, they trusted us.

The paid media budget fell by 75%, but we still helped the business to make a profit in 2020.

Trophy icon Winner of the Masterclassing Effective Marketing Awards 2021. Finalist of The Drum Search Awards 2021 and the 2021 UK Biddable Media Awards.

+10% more leads than the target
-48% cost-per conversion
+14.35% conversion rate

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