Universal Music Group challenged us to oversee the technical SEO Migration of 22 websites across 17 territories into one global Sitecore website.

Our Approach

We conducted international keyword research to benchmark and optimise across multiple territories to start. Then, identified new categories to optimise and assisted internal members of staff to approve this with senior stakeholders

We worked alongside internal marketing teams and web developers to share data, solutions and deliver training too.

And that wasn’t it. We also created a bespoke reporting dashboard for global and territory specific reporting.

We now have an ongoing business relationship to optimise content reach, assist in improving quality of work for SEO and launch and run a global PPC campaign.

Liberty have been instrumental in the success of migrating and launching our new global website. Working with several international teams and stakeholders has added to the complexity of the project, but Liberty have always been on hand to quickly respond to the many unexpected turns in such a technical project. Their expertise is unparalleled and has helped us better benchmark, report and guide our strategy. Universal Publishing Production Music Digital Marketing Manager

The Results

Not only was the migration a success, but our optimisation saw dramatic results for Universal Music Group.

+483% Ranking Keywords
+231% Organic Traffic
+34% Account Creations

We’re proud to be an official Premier Google Partner.