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Worried your brand isn’t front and centre in search results? A solid strategy and some expert guidance from an SEO consultant is what you need.

Get Primed for SEO Success

Google considers many hundreds of factors when ascertaining a page’s quality: from complex technical and linking considerations to content optimisation and UX factors. Making sure your site is healthy and primed for excellent visibility is no easy task.

There are many common issues that can hide under the surface affecting site traffic and your dominance in the SERPs. Our SEO consultancy puts your site up to the highest level of scrutiny to find and fix what’s wrong – often before you’ve spotted it.

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Support Your Team With an Expert SEO Consultant

Our technical consultants pin-point what’s turning people off and help you to put it right. This means you won’t be stung by any penalties and will be best placed to benefit from any future algorithm changes.

Unsure about your position in the market, where your competitors are leaving you behind, or what’s stopping people from making a purchase? Our SEO consultants know the answer.

From technical fixes to strategic improvements, we’ll guide you to higher traffic, visibility and conversions.

We offer a number of consulting SEO services to suit your needs, covering technical SEO, content optimisation and link acquisition.

  • Digital Strategy
  • SEO Auditing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Insights
  • Problem Solving
  • Keyword research
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Liberty have developed and implemented digital marketing strategies for multiple projects within Sport Wales over the past couple of years. Their insights on industry benchmarking and KPI setting have been particularly useful – enabling us to work towards, and ultimately achieve, bold targets. They have also up-skilled our internal teams through training workshops, ongoing consultancy and dependable two-way communication. Paul Batcup Digital Content Manager

Liberty's SEO Consulting Services Include

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Local SEO Consultancy

Would you like to become a local hero? Showing up in local search results requires a balance between mastering Google My Business and search engine optimisation expertise: this is where Liberty step in. With expertise in delivering consistent NAPs, citations, Google My Business and managing relevant local backlinks, Liberty’s local SEO consultation will literally put you on the map.

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International SEO Consultancy

With our extensive expertise, we know there is no “one size fits all” search engine optimisation policy for international SEO. Our international SEO consultancy services consider the geography of your target market carefully, building a bespoke international SEO strategy with this in mind. We can help you ensure the right webpages rank in the right geographically location as well as ensuring your international SEO strategy is sound.

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Technical SEO Consultancy

Our technical SEO audits put your site up to the highest SEO scrutiny. With a fine-tooth comb, our technical SEO consultants put a handle on what’s turning people off and help you to put it right. We keep up to date with all the latest Google algorithm updates so you are in the best position to avoid any penalties and you'll be in the right hands if your website is hit in a negative way.

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Keyword Research

What are your customers looking for? Which keywords make sense to your business needs and how do you perform in comparison with competitor sites? Knowing what your customers are looking for is key to any long-term SEO success. We use the latest keyword research and tracking software to determine the keywords that will bring the most organic benefit to your website.

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SEO Strategy

When it comes to a watertight SEO strategy, you need an expert SEO consultant that has been there and done it. We work with you to formulate short- and long-term SEO plans. By defining your SEO goals from the start, we are able to measure your success to keep an eye on your progress and monitor any regression in order to be able to react quickly to such circumstances.

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Organic Competitor Analysis

A competition analysis shows us where you stand. And where we can best get you into the fast lane. We zero in on what your competitors are doing right and build on it. We provide an open and honest report on how you’re doing compared to your organic competition and help you create a strategy to knock them off the top.

Your Brand Is Unique, and so is the SEO Consultancy Agency You Need

For your website to reach its full potential, you need the right insight. We use Ahrefs, SEMrush, SEOMonitor alongside exclusive in-house tools which give us in-depth understanding of your search market and keeps you a step ahead.

To capture the best of your brand and what you offer, you also need a bespoke strategy. We craft a detailed plan of action to meet the milestones you’ve been chasing and give you the ammo you may need to get internal buy-in.

With regular check-ins and reporting, you’ll see every move we make and all the results we achieve, as they happen.

Let's talk SEO consulting. We can help your business and give you complete piece of mind that your organic traffic is in safe hands.

Give our SEO consulting services a try – you'll like what you find

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