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Liberty delivers an organic, relevant link profile for your brand. Let’s talk link building today.

Links are still huge in search. Search engines may be more savvy about what constitutes a great site, but a strong link profile is the vote of confidence you can’t do without.

As a digital PR agency we don’t build links for the sake of it. One good link is worth a thousand shoddy ones, and we work with our army of contacts to ensure your site enjoys a veritable smorgasbord of quality links that reflect your industry and boost your domain.

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By building up quality links, our digital PR services help our clients rank better and attain national interest. The combination of exposure, increasing brand trust and improving rankings makes Digital PR an essential part of Liberty’s digital marketing foundation.

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The best content doesn’t get links, it demands them. Liberty’s seasoned creative team know exactly what it takes to create innovative, link-friendly content – and we’ll do it for you.

Digital PR Campaigns

  • Goal Identification
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Digital Outreach
  • White-hat techniques and philosophy
  • Guest Posts

Our digital PR services keep things transparent

Liberty’s Digital PR team believes in building up a catalogue of good links from newspapers, magazines, blogs and other sources that are relevant to our client’s needs. We’re completely transparent: our up-front digital PR strategy let you know what we’re going to do beforehand, and our industry-leading reporting means that you can see, at any time, the links we’ve built to your site.

We focus on growing and attaining strong links from reputable, trusted sources from our network of contacts.


First, our Digital PR strategy begins with identifying our client’s goals, setting ambitious backlink targets. Then, by a process of digital outreach, content campaigns, influencer marketing and guest post writing, of course, meeting them.

We can help you get the coverage, media visibility and brand awareness that your company deserves and desires. Using digital PR to gain high-quality backlinks and brand exposure in your fave magazines, newspapers and blogs, we can help ensure that your brand becomes a recognisable household name and is represented well across all media. Picture of Emma Hull Emma Hull Digital PR Executive

For long-term growth

All of our strategies are underpinned by a white-hat attitude; we don’t believe in farming links or taking shortcuts. Instead, Liberty’s Digital PR focuses on long-term solutions, providing quality links that can prop your brand up for years.

Content Case Studies

happy beds content campaign for pregnant mums

+219% Search Visibility

We aimed to drive relevant inbound links towards the Happy Beds domain to boost an already-improving performance and increase search visibility.

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346% Increase in Organic Sessions

Recycling old content to increase new traffic and enquiries.

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We’re proud to be an official Premier Google Partner.